How to Choose Laptop Components


Nowadays, it’s easier to build a custom laptop to fulfill your every need. Whether you need it for gaming or running complex programs, you can choose how much memory you want, the graphics card, and even the keyboard type. While buying pre-configured laptops is more straightforward, you might need to compromise on some aspects. This is why building your own can meet your standards while being cost-effective. 


The CPU is one of the most critical components of your laptop. It would help to look for at least a dual-core CPU with hyperthreading. It is the minimum necessary if you plan to use the laptop for everyday activities like browsing the internet.

You need something more potent if you are a professional or a gamer. While a quad-core CPU improves the performance slightly, you should look for a six-core or higher to play the latest A games or run complex programs. An Intel i9 processor has up to 10 cores and works excellently with multiple resource-hungry programs, but it is also expensive.


RAM is the second thing to look at because all programs or games use RAM. As a rule of thumb, the more RAM you have, the better the performance. If you are a gamer, you should look for at least 8 GB of RAM to be able to run the newest games.

If your work includes 3D rendering and 3D modeling, you should choose from 16 to 32 GB of RAM to run complex programs smoothly without lags or overheating.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is an essential item and probably the most expensive component. Unlike the early graphics card models, recent ones are made from advanced materials and sport unique designs. Lenovo has plenty of models to choose from for every budget. So, if you plan to use your laptop casually, you can invest in a cheap graphics card. 


A mid-range graphics card is excellent for 1080p gaming, and you can also use VR sets. A high-end graphics card might leave a hole in your budget, but you will be able to play the newest games at 1440p or on high refresh 1080p monitors. Premium graphics cards are for 4K monitors and are compatible with ray-tracing technology.

Hard Drive

While some shoppers consider buying the largest capacity drive, that’s not usually the best way. They cost more than mid-sized ones, and sometimes they slow things down. So, consider buying one only if you need plenty of disk storage. Otherwise, a mid-sized driver works excellently in terms of performance.


When you build your custom laptop, you can also customize your keyboard. Again, there are various options to choose from, so you need to decide how you plan to use your laptop. For example, keyboards created for gaming have special gaming keys to immerse yourself into the game.

If your job involves a lot of typing, then you can choose an ergonomic keyboard, which helps with long working hours as they are comfortable.

Building your laptop is a satisfying experience because you can make it exactly how you need it. You no longer need to compromise on components or looks to create something that suits your lifestyle and budget.