How Technology is Making People Look Younger and More Perfect


Technology has made cars sleeker and cell phones smaller with each passing model year. As people live longer than past generations, their desire to look and feel healthy has driven a multimillion-dollar beauty industry.

Technology and beauty collaborate with varying results, but many innovations are making an impact with consumers, from specialized shampoos to customized medical procedures. Here are a couple:


No-chip nail polish

Women used to complain repeatedly about chipped nails a few hours after a professional manicure. Regardless of the color layers, chips always occurred.

Nail polish manufacturing technology now has a smart answer to chipped manicures and pedicures. Using shellac paint technology, salons apply several color coats, but with one critical addition: the ultraviolet lamp.

This light creates a heat that solidifies the color after application, and makes it almost impossible to chip. Even salons need to remove the color with a specialized process to protect the nail bed.

Laser therapy

According to the FlawlessBeautyandSkin site, some people are using light and laser therapy to remove age spots. These blemishes are darkened areas across the skin that are a common trait of aging.

The light effectively breaks down melanin, the skin cells that form moles and dark skin. People say the age spots are almost invisible after several therapy sessions. This light technology enables people to rejuvenate their skin without any harsh chemicals or invasive procedures.

Curing hair damage with shampoo

Hair damage was thought to be caused by poor brushing or combing techniques. Although such physical damage contributes to the problem, tap water alone also damages hair.

With technology behind them, manufacturers have pinpointed tap water as an enemy of hair, and created a shampoo that neutralizes common damage, including split ends. These shampoos are infused with a molecule that removes copper from the hair and surrounding water.

Hair damage becomes extensive when copper combines with free radicals. Your hair’s keratin breaks down quickly.

Health monitors

Counting calories and estimating the daily calorie burn has turned many people off, which only makes a youthful and healthy appearance that more elusive. A healthy lifestyle is the main key to a long life, so manufacturers have come up with Bluetooth health monitors.

Communicating with smartphones or tablets, these wristbands tell people about their daily exercise and calorie intake needs. Technology assists people to remain beautiful and healthy by doing the math calculations. Ideally, people shouldn’t eat more than they burn in a given day.

Skin fillers

Fillers injected just under the skin are still a viable beauty tactic for some people. Given technology’s advances, there are more fillers on the market than ever before.

Allergic or sensitive patients have several options to remove fine lines for up to one year. The injections are so subtle, under a professional’s expert hand, that friends and family may not notice an invasive procedure has been performed.

New innovations are created and implemented each day, which make the “fountain of youth” a tangible goal. Evaluate your physical and mental health needs, before you try any radical procedures. Consumers may just need to stick with the basics, from wearing sunscreen to eating healthy foods, in order to achieve that youthful look.