How Contemporary Science and Technology Create Beauty


The days of visiting a salon just for manicures and haircuts are long gone. The new technology of today uses cutting-edge stem cell facials and fat-freezing techniques to enhance your beauty.

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Microdermabrasion bliss

A facial that includes microdermabrasion uses ultra-fine crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells. One microdermabrasion treatment employs a wand-like device with 60 exfoliation levels and 20 speed settings, which makes it tolerable for people with super-sensitive skin who may have rejected similar skin treatments in the past.

The truly groundbreaking aspect of this treatment is the use of that radically improves the skin. A blue light is used to decrease areas of inflammation and soothe your skin while a red light is used to accelerate cell renewal.

Professor Rodney Sinclair of the University of Melbourne claims that LED light is just one of the several leading-edge technologies that show great promise for facial rejuvenation. It’s a treatment that’s low-impact and entails very little to no downtime.

Admittedly, the evidence to support this particular treatment iLED technologys minimal. The treatment itself is competing with several well-established laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices that have more predictable results, are similarly priced, and have been more thoroughly researched.

Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Facial

This unique facial treatment employs plant stem-cell technology to encourage new cellular activity, refine facial contours, and diminish puffiness. It combines various massage techniques with other products designed to hydrate, lift, and firm.

This particular lift is one of the first to use plant-oriented stem cells, which are full of antioxidants and offer strong anti-inflammatory properties as well. Elemis product development director Noella Gabriella states that stem cells from natural plants can be derived from certain areas of the plant, especially growing tissues within buds.

Very low quantities of the plant cells are required because of their effectiveness. Other excellent ways to enrich the condition of your skin include natural supplements such as Vitamins A, C, E, and B Complex with moisturizing argan oil.

Cooltech is hot

This technique is marketed as the “fat treatment for thin people.” The premise of Cooltech is that when skin is chilled, it non-invasively eliminates fat cells. The somewhat experimental treatment was developed after a group of scientists discovered that when children habitually sucked on Popsicles, they subsequently had dimples in their cheeks.

The researchers established that the cheek regions on the children’s faces were broken down by the coldness of the Popsicles — a process known as cryolipolysis . Cooltech exposes targeted areas of the body to cold air, which makes inflames fat cells inflamed and causes them to rupture.

The cells die and are naturally eliminated from the body. Cooltech claims it takes four months to see visible results. Although separate research suggests it’s possible to freeze and eliminate fat cells, nothing stops new ones from developing.

Thus, a person still has alter his or her lifestyle and habits dramatically, in the form of old-fashioned diet and exercise, or the problem will only recur. As technology continues to advance, innovative beauty treatments will progress as well. Maybe in another 100 years, we’ll all finally be perfect.