Home Wiring May Be Hinting About Electrical Dangers


Do lights in your house flicker? Is there a whiff of something burning? It could be time for an inspection by Temecula electrical contractors to check wiring, especially if your house is more than 40 years old.

An inspection can identify immediate dangers and problems. A professional can help determine if a house-wide upgrade is needed in an older home.

Hints of Lurking Problems

Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses indicate overloads of the electrical system. Other signs that wiring and services might be malfunctioning, damaged or dangerous include:

  1. Outlets or plugs that are discolored or scorched.
  2. Appliance, extension or other cords that are frayed or damaged.
  3. Wiring, cords or outlets that feel hot.
  4. Teeth marks on cords or wires made by pests or pets.

Being aware of the condition of electrical wiring can be a primary step toward preventing house fires and saving lives. A professional can check for dangers hidden in walls, such as melted wiring insulation that yields a burning odor.

Causes of House Fires

Reports cited short-circuit arcs, including short-circuit arcs from defective or worn insulation, as leading factors in fires at residences, according to the National Fire Data Center.

Electrical fires in residential buildings between 2014 and 2016 most often were in single- and two-family homes, the center said. The fires resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries and millions of dollars in property losses.

Inspection as Prevention

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that an electrical inspection be conducted if one hasn’t been done in the past 10 to 40 years. A home without an inspection in more than 40 years is overdue for a checkup.

Contractors will provide estimates for inspections, repairs and upgrades. If you need a whole-house electrical upgrade and financing is a factor, the project could be done on a room-by-room basis or in phases. Check with friends, professional associates and organizations to find a licensed electrical contractor who knows local municipal codes.