Hard Drives: Best Options for 2015


Before choosing an external hard drive, it’s a good idea to appraise what it will be used for. You can encrypt an entire world of data, create a copy of your work, or simply use it as a way of accessing a few hefty media or business files on the move. Budget models don’t always mean compromising with a clunky, heavy storage brick, and no-one wants to mess around with cables if wireless is an option. Some of the best models this year can achieve huge storage potential and ease of use in one portable package. Read on, plug in, and back-up.


For those on the move

It might not have the most memorable name, but the Seagate Stcg3000200 certainly packs in enough memory, with a hefty 3 terabytes of storage. Consolidate all your files and have enough room left over to know you have a personal Cloud available whenever you need it. Even with large, hi-def video content, you’ll be struggling to fill this excellent drive. You can automatically back-up all your devices without breaking a sweat; navigate directly from your Smart TV, or download your social media accounts with this intuitive device.

The top of the range choice

If you want to keep your important files on lockdown, the iStorage IS-DG3-128-500 comes with a nifty manual keypad as part of its hardware, and encrypts data fast. A negligible size at just 6.2 ounces and just less than 5 inches long, this ultra-portable, lightweight device can safely stow up to 5 gigabytes per second with its rapid transfer speed, making backing-up a breeze.

For those on a budget

Handsome, glossy, and yet surprisingly cheap, the Toshiba 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive has some robust credentials. An internal shock sensor keeps your files safe, while those who like to co-ordinate their hardware can choose from a slick range of colours including pink, red and blue. There’s also a password protection option for added security, and a rapid USB 3.0 transfer system which can devour HD movies as if they were just a handful of bytes. This excellent all-rounder also comes with a warranty, for the peace of mind you need when you’re storing your electronic world.

Image by Melanie Cook used under the Creative Commons license.