Your Guide to MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Your Guide to MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Your Guide to MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been considering switching over to a Macbook, the best time to do so will this year. Multiple rumors are circulating that a new Macbook will be released in 2021

The release is believed to include a redesign, an upgrade in specs, and new pricing. The biggest news? The 13-inch Macbook may no longer exist and be replaced with a 14-inch design instead. 

If you’re unsure about joining the Mac world, take a moment to learn how to use one now to make the transition easier. Keep reading to learn all the best Macbook keyboard shortcuts. 

Copy and Paste

People may think that one of the worst MacBook keyboard problems is the elimination of the right-click. Without a right-click how do you produce the options menu? And worse, how do you copy and paste?

No worries, Apple has thought of everything. Once you figure out this shortcut, you won’t miss the right-click option anymore. 

To copy, all you need to do is select the text with your trackpad, then press the “Command” and “C” keys. The text will automatically be copied. 

Then, to paste the copied text, simply press the “Command” and “V” keys. To cut text, press the “Command” and “X” keys. 

If it takes you a while to get used to these actions, you can always go to the “Edit” menu bar and choose to copy or paste from there. 


If you’re completely new to the Mac world, you probably have never heard of the Spotlight feature. This is a feature that searches your whole MacBook for you.

For example, a Spotlight search of “table” would show every file or application on your computer containing the word “table” as well as search results from the internet. You can even use Spotlight to solve mathematics problems or convert measurements. 

Since Spotlight is such a useful tool, Apple wanted to ensure you can easily use it. To access Spotlight, press the “Command” and “Space” keys. Then simply type in whatever you want into the search bar that pops up. 

Keyboard Lighting

One of the greatest things about the MacBook keyboard is the automatic backlighting. The keyboard has lights around each key to illuminating the whole keyboard. But, the light also shines through each individual key, making the keys easy to distinguish from one another even at night. 

But, not everyone is a fan of the lighted keyboard. So, Apple made it possible to adjust the lighting levels and even turn off the backlighting completely. 

To make the keyboard light brighter, press “F6” until you reach the desired brightness. Or, to dim the keyboard, press “F5”. If your MacBook has a Touch Bar and doesn’t feature the function keys, press the “Fn” key to make the function keys appear in the Touch Bar. 

To turn off the Mac Book keyboard light, you need to access the Apple Menu. Go to “System Preferences” and then select “Keyboard”. You’ll see the option to “Turn keyboard backlight off after” and you’ll be able to select a time period of inactivity. 

Close Windows

There are times when you want to close the window on your screen as quickly as possible. Maybe you’re at work and your boss walks by while you’re browsing social media. Or, maybe your searching for your partner’s birthday gift and they enter the room. 

Regardless of the situation, using this shortcut will automatically close your window before anyone can see what was previously on your screen. 

To close the current window, press the “Command” and “W” keys. Or, if you want to close all windows that are opened, press the “Option”, “Command”, and “W” keys. 

Screen Capture

Ever wanted to show a friend or coworker exactly what you’re seeing on your computer. Sometimes it’s as easy as sending them a link to a webpage. But, if want to point out a specific paragraph or show them a file or application on your computer, your best bet is to send them a photo of your screen. 

To take a screen capture on your MacBook, press the “Shift”, “Command”, and “3” keys. This will save a screenshot of your full screen to your desktop. 

Or, if you don’t want to show someone your whole screen, you can screenshot just a portion. To do this, press the “Shift”, “Command”, and “4” keys. A crosshair will appear and just select the area of the screen you want to capture while holding down the “Space” key. 

Create Your Own Shortcut

Arguably the best part about the Apple keyboard settings is the ability to create your own keyboard shortcut. If there is a certain action you do a lot or a special file you want to pull up quickly, creating your own shortcut can save you a ton of time. 

To do this, go to the Apple many and select “System Preferences” and then “Keyboard”. From the top menu, click on the “Shortcuts” tab and then select “App Shortcuts” from the left-hand side of the menu. 

Click the “+” on the menu screen. You can then select if you want the shortcut to be used in all applications or just a certain one. Then, under “Menu Title” select the command you want to create a shortcut for, such as rename or export. 

Under “Keyboard Shortcut” put in the keystroke you want to use for this new shortcut. Make it a shortcut with multiple keystrokes so that you don’t accidentally press it all the time and make sure it’s not already an existing shortcut. 

Memorize These Macbook Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing these MacBook keyboard shortcuts will help you get the best use out of your new laptop. 

These are just a few of the many keyboard shortcuts available with your new computer. You may be surprised by just how many more shortcuts are available. And with the availability to create your own shortcut, Apple ensures that every action is covered. 

Looking for more advice on switching to a MacBook? Bookmark this site for all the best tech tips.