How a Good Antivirus Can Keep You Protected From Hackers

How a Good Antivirus Can Keep You Protected From Hackers

How a Good Antivirus Can Keep You Protected From Hackers

According to a report published by the Kelser Corporation, 65% of cybercrime attacks happen on small and medium scale businesses. The rate at which such attacks are rising makes it imperative for us to take steps to ensure our laptop’s security. Whenever the news of a cyber-attack comes up the first rumour that we hear is that antivirus software is a waste of time. This probably is circulated by the hackers themselves, as they would benefit from the confusion.  To be very frank antivirus software indirectly acts as a true guardian for your computer and laptop. Read on as we are going to clear the air and tell you how the best Antivirus can keep you protected from hackers.

Ultimate protection

A hacker would rely on Trojans, viruses and other tools to gain entry into your computer. Fortunately, an antivirus is equipped to provide you protection from these attacks. The antivirus software of today are much more secure and prepared to handle any kinds of issues.  Hackers always try their best to avoid multi-layered protection, however antivirus software provides more than that, making it difficult for hackers to break through.

Every antivirus software is different

The effectiveness of each antivirus is different. While some, like Bitdefender are extremely effective against any kind of virus attack, there are others, which can very easily be surpassed. Antivirus software makers are trying their best to increase the level of protection however there are still some of them which are unable to rise up to these challenges.

Hackers prefer an easy target

Earlier being a hacker was tough and required technical expertise the same does not hold true in today’s scenario. Half of them do not even have solid programming knowledge and use very basic tricks to make an entry into your system. Antivirus software is able to handle this kind of intrusions very easily and thus, the hackers fail in their initiative. However, the number of such attacks is increasing and thus the use of antivirus software becomes important.

Basic practices not being followed

Unfortunately, many people leave their computers exposed so that hackers can easily make their way in. Such people refuse to accept the supremacy of antivirus software and then regret doing so.  A majority of virus attacks that happened on a large scale in the past could have been averted if the people had followed some basic security practices. Antivirus software is one of the most important things that you can implement without any worries.

Antivirus may not be sufficient

In spite of all this, just using antivirus software to thwart hackers may not be sufficient. Every day cybersecurity laws and the threats they are supposed to protect us against are all changing at a rapid pace. It is difficult for only antivirus software to be able to handle all of this diligently. However, this software goes beyond the ordinary levels of security, to give you signature-based detection and other beneficial tools that may just not be enough. You may also have to deploy behavioral techniques to detect any kind of suspicious intent and stop any malware attack from happening.


In today’s scenario, cyber threats are persistent and growing every single day. Not having proper antivirus software installed in your computer may make you prone to hackers who are waiting to attack your personal information. Losing important data can be very damaging and hence having antivirus software is the least you can do.

By installing the best antivirus software, you not only save your computer from being intruded upon but ensure valuable personal details are safe too. Choose the antivirus software carefully so that your plan succeeds and if need be add more protection in the form of other extensive tools.