Getting the Most From Your eCommerce Platform



The design of your website is one of the most important things to consider when starting an online business. If your company doesn’t offer what your customers want or need, it may be a longshot for it to make any money. Therefore, what are some things to think about when creating your site?

How Fast Is Your Site?

Customers want a site that is going to load quickly and easily. When they are ready to purchase something, they want a site that is going to take them quickly to checkout where they can process an order.

If a customer is hesitant as to whether to pull the trigger on a purchase, a slow load time could be enough for the customer to back out of the transaction, which results in a lost sale.

Sites that load slowly may also lead to abandoned shopping carts for even loyal customers who don’t have time to waste waiting for an order to go through. A good way to increase loading times is to use a quality eCommerce hosting solution for your site.

How Easy Is it to Use Your Site?

Can customers get around your site with ease? If they are looking for something, can they ask a support employee where to find what they are looking for? When it is hard to find a product, a customer is apt to leave and go somewhere else to find it. This is true whether someone is buying a good at a physical store location or online. Therefore, make sure to make it easy as possible for a customer to locate what they need in a timely manner.

Do You Offer Multiple Payment Options?

Does your site offer customers the ability to pay for products in a convenient manner? If not, potential customers could buy their goods from another site. Generally, it is a good idea to provide customers with the ability to pay with a check, credit or debit card. Adding payment gateways like PayPal into the equation may also be beneficial for those who may not have a bank account.

A good website can boost sales for a company or allow it to be profitable without the need for physical store locations. Websites are great tools for new companies because they can lower marketing costs and increase brand awareness with ease. Therefore, do not make your website an afterthought when starting or expanding your company.