Freshen Up Your Facebook Cover with a Creator App


Recently Make a Cover, a Facebook Cover creator application has become publically available and is starting to transform the way in which Facebook users make cover artwork for their profiles.

It’s easy to perceive Make a Cover as just another website that provides hundreds of Facebook covers for you to choose from, however on closer inspection what Make a Cover is doing is rather unique.





princess facebook cover








What Is Make a Cover?

It is Facebook cover maker software that makes up a character based cover for your profile.

The best way in which to describe this cover maker app is to use an analogy, if you consider a cake it is made up of lots of ingredients. Whilst you may make the cake, you don’t necessarily make or grow the ingredients.  Similarly, with Make a Cover you choose the ‘ingredients’ that you would like within your Facebook cover and the software application makes it up into the finished image product.

More literally speaking, the cover maker software requires you to select layers for a particular character such as a neck tie, eye positions, and clothing wear.

Once the customizations have been done to the cover art work you can apply automatically to your Facebook cover by clicking a button provided.

Why Use Make a Cover? 

It’s a cool and innovative way in which to freshen up your Facebook cover, the biggest reason why to use Make a Cover is that you are able to assist in the creation process without it taking you hours to create something.

What Is a Facebook Cover?

A Facebook cover is the name given to the heading art work that appears above your Facebook profile.

What Can You Do With Make a Cover?

With this free Facebook cover software you are able to create a cover that is unique to your Facebook profile by clicking just a few buttons, the special thing about the covers that this app produces is that they are themed around various character personalities.

In order to start using this cover software you must select the personality that you wish to personalize. Once you have made your selection you then make up the cover artwork by making customizations from the graphical layers that you have to choose from.

Who Is Make a Cover Made By?

 It’s made by a small firm called Athena IT Limited, they are the people behind the Facebook Chat alternative called Chit Chat.