Four Benefits of Putting Vending Machines in Front of Your Store


Do you own a store that sells clothing, pet supplies, furniture, hardware or any other product? If so, you may want to consider getting a few vending machines for your storefront. There are many benefits of having a few vending machines selling snacks, water or soda. Look at four of those benefits.

Make Extra Money

In many cases, you get a percentage of the profit when you allow vending machines to be setup in front of your store. The owner of a vending machine wants to put it in a high-traffic area and you want to entice more shoppers to your store. The vending machines would be accessible to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you would have the opportunity to make money even when your store is closed.

Attract Passersby

A line of vending machines in front of a store tend to attract the attention of passersby. People driving or walking by may stop to get an item out of your machines. Ideally, something in your store window will attract their attention prompting them to walk into your store and make a purchase. Think of the vending machines as a way to introduce your store to shoppers.

Attract Attention to Your Store

Most vending machines have bright colors and are lit from the inside out. This can attract the attention of people driving by your store especially at night. If you own a store located in a strip mall or in a group with many other stores, your vending machines may give you an advantage over the other businesses. In fact, the owners of your neighboring businesses may be grateful to you for adding the vending machines to the area.

Extra Security for Your Business

Brightly lit vending machines add even more illumination to your storefront throughout the night. Consequently, thieves and trespassers may not be as likely to try to enter or disturb your closed store. Thieves are looking for storefronts that are dark, so they can move around without being seen from the road or parking lot.

Lastly, vending machines with leveling casters are stable and safe to put in front of your store. Plus, these casters make it easy to move the machines around if necessary, so they’ll be more appealing to shoppers.