Five Inspiring Female Sales Leaders Who Made Their Names in NYC


Amidst the vibrant and fiercely competitive backdrop of New York City, prevailing attitudes still portray business—and especially sales—as a decidedly masculine, male-driven industry. 

But countless exceptional women have defied expectations and forged extraordinary paths in the sales industry—even if they don’t often get the same attention. Their compelling narratives not only reflect individual tenacity and triumph, but also offer invaluable insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone with a passion for business. 

In fact, any solid recruitment company in New York City will often incorporate the stories of women sales leaders to inspire candidates, foster diversity, promote mentorship, build community, and shape a progressive brand image.

Whether seeking motivation, strategic insights, or a broader understanding of professional excellence, these stories resonate as powerful testaments to the potential for impact and achievement in the corporate world for women (and men) everywhere.

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely, the mind behind the renowned brand Spanx, started her sales career by selling fax machines door-to-door in Florida before relocating to New York City to launch her revolutionary shapewear brand. Overcoming hurdles and rejections in stand-up and acting, Blakely persevered and transformed Spanx into a global empire. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit propelled her to become the youngest self-made female billionaire in America in 2012, securing her status as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. 

Sophia Amoruso

The visionary founder of Nasty Gal embarked on her career by selling vintage clothing on eBay. Her passion for fashion and business acumen led her to establish an online retail store based in New York City, catering to a dynamic and fashion-forward demographic. 

Amoruso’s resounding success as a trailblazing entrepreneur culminated in her becoming a bestselling author (including of the iconic book, #GIRLBOSS) and an impactful speaker, inspiring countless individuals with her remarkable story of resilience and triumph in the sales and e-commerce landscape.

Lori Greiner

Fondly hailed as the “Queen of QVC,” Lori Greiner has carved a distinctive niche for herself as a prolific inventor, entrepreneur, and saleswoman. Her journey to prominence was propelled by her stint on the television show Shark Tank, where she made some of the most successful investments in the show’s history. Leveraging her keen business acumen and sales expertise, Greiner has etched her legacy as a distinguished product developer and investor in New York City. Her transformative impact and commercial acumen have made her a revered figure in the sales and business realms.

Barbara Corcoran

Another Shark Tank veteran, Barbara Corcoran is known for her iconic presence in the real estate industry and on television. But her journey began as a salesperson in New York City’s competitive real estate market. Her remarkable trajectory led her to found The Corcoran Group, an esteemed real estate brokerage firm, and subsequently propelled her into the realms of bestselling authorship and investment. 

Corcoran’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her prowess as a formidable sales strategist exemplify her enduring influence in both real estate and sales.

Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima, the enterprising entrepreneur behind IT Cosmetics, commenced her career as a news anchor before transitioning into the sales arena. Her transformative journey materialized in the form of founding IT Cosmetics in New York, focusing on pioneering skincare and makeup solutions. Lima’s brand quickly gained widespread acclaim, ultimately catching the attention of industry titan L’Oréal, which acquired IT Cosmetics for over a billion dollars. 

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, these exceptional women have made indelible impressions in the fast-paced sales landscape of New York City, demonstrating that with courage, tenacity, and a resolute dedication to their vision, remarkable accomplishments can be achieved. Their stories illustrate the boundless potential and opportunities that await those who dare to dream and persist in the pursuit of their aspirations.