Facts About FASS Fuel Systems



What Is FASS?

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System and is a fuel filtration system and diesel fuel lift pump designed to improve truck fuel economy, engine performance, and injector life. Based in Marthasville, Missouri, FASS manufactures diesel fuel systems to make trucks more efficient and productive by delivering clean, dry fuel directly to the injection pump.

FASS pumps move large volumes of clean diesel fuel via a turbine-driven system with an internal regulator to dampen pressure surges. FASS Filtration systems are available in an inline filtration system and a filter cartridge filtration system. FASS filtration systems lower NOx and hydrocarbon emissions by removing the diesel fuel tank water, dirt, and carbon which helps prevent costly repairs to the injection system. Dirty injectors can cost thousands of dollars in engine damage.

How Does FASS Filtration Work?

FASS fuel systems increase fuel mileage by up to 20 percent, depending on the vehicle application. FASS has a higher overall efficiency than any other aftermarket system on the market. FASS systems improve your engine’s performance and fuel economy by ensuring that no water, dirt, or contaminants get into your injection pumps. Water separator technology ensures that water remains trapped in the filtering mechanism while diesel fuel is allowed to pass through. FASS Filtration System cartridges last up to 40,000 miles. FASS Fuel Lift Pumps can be used with or without fuel filtration systems.

FASS filtration systems are available in two configurations – an inline water separator and a cartridge-style water filter. The 144-micron particulate filter and 2-micron water separator remove 99.96 percent of water from diesel fuel. FASS fuel systems keep fuel cool and clean and trap any moisture, water, dirt, or carbon before the diesel system experiences damage. FASS systems also come with a filtration system to protect the engine’s fuel injection components from damage caused by debris in the fuel tank. These systems also eliminate the risk of fire in the engine due to high intake air temperatures caused by dirt in the fuel tank.

As you can see, a FASS filtration system is an excellent way to ensure that a diesel engine is running at peak performance and fuel economy. FASS filtration systems can reduce repairs to a truck’s injection system by up to 50 percent and extend the life of fuel injectors. FASS filtration and fuel systems help protect the environment by complying with all EPA emission regulations and eliminating carbon issues that lead to hard starts and stalling.