Everything about Torrents Explained: A Complete Guide


Torrenting is a file transfer protocol that allows users to download files.Here is a complete guide on torrents.

Is Torrenting legal?

There are plenty of legal torrenting services. The most popular torrent trackers are Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay. These services offer free access to copyrighted content. However, torrenting is illegal in certain countries for their history to host malware. In such cases, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  They help to mask torrenting activities. And also help to prevent downloading infected torrent files. To choose the right VPN, use review providers such as vpn coffee to learn about the new coming and most popular VPNs in the market.

What are Torrent files?

The torrent files do not have any data with them. But they hold the information where the data can be downloaded. For instance, assume to download a movie. In torrenting, the movie is split into parts and is stored among different users. Suppose user A is downloading the movie. The torrent file of user A will hold the information that the first part of the movie is to be downloaded from user B, second part from user C and so on. The users B and C are those who have already downloaded the movie. While user A is downloading the first part of the movie, user B will be uploading it to him (through the network). While user A is downloading the second part of the movie, user C will be uploading it to him and so on. Therefore, torrenting involves both actions of downloading and uploading.

What are seeders in Torrenting?

Seeders are those users who have already downloaded the file. They are now sharing it with others. That is, they are uploading into the network. In this case, user B and user C are seeders.

What are leechers in Torrenting?

The users who are downloading the file are called leechers. Here user A is a peer. After downloading the file, user A becomes a seeder.


Every participant in P2P torrenting is called peer. P2P means Peer-to-peer.

What is P2P in torrenting?

The method by which files are shared in torrenting systems is called P2P. The success of torrenting is mainly due to P2P system.P2P file sharing helps to speed up the process of accessing the data. In this network, every user becomes a server. (A server is a centralized resource in a network. It provides instructions to other devices called clients.) Unlike the server, the user in torrenting provides data. The client server network slows down when the number of users increases. But the efficiency of P2P increases with increase in number of users. This is simply because, more users are making that particular file available from their hard drive.

Significance of VPN in torrenting

If the P2P file sharing system is not used securely, one will not know who is doing what with the information in the system. A VPN helps to mask the original IP and therefore, the data in the system is safe from hackers acting as peers! Get help from lead-experts like vpncoffee.com to choose the right VPN service provider.