EaseUS Partitioning Master Free – Best Tools for Partitioning


Hard drive sizes are skyrocketing with turning MBs into GBs and lots of more spaces are becoming vacant with everyday PC usage. Organizing files and folders can be a lot difficult if you don’t have separate drives for your works or entertainment purposes. It can also save you data loss if you only focus all of you files on other drives except for the OS installed drive. Hard Drive Partitioning is the first thing we always do when we buy a new PC or a hard drive and EaseUS Partition Master Free is one of the best free tools that does this job perfectly.

EaseUS Partition Masterstands high than other Partitioning tools since it carries so many features and does what it’s supposed to do. Here we represent its main functionalities to demonstrate its capability even being a free partitioning tool.

Ease of Usage

EaseUS Partitioning manager is in the software platform for many years and it has developed as a fan-favorite over the years for its simple interface that allows the users to perform necessary actions using easy to use graphical commands. We all know how frustrating can it be to work and partition in DOS mode. But, with this software things will be pretty simple. The layout is beautiful and so is its each working procedure.

Many Features Included for Best Partitioning Experience

This software is vastly popular for its large feature list. It’s the best tool to delete, create, resize, split and merge partitions. All of these things can make the best use of a large hard drive to organize and maintain it. Even this software can convert dynamic disk to basic disks. Plus, you’ll be able to merge partitions without having any data loss. This program supports hard drives of sizes 2TB for MBR disk and 4TB for GPT disks. This program really helps the users to maximize their PC performance by making the best use of partitioning.

Comes with Help Files

There’s a possibility that users can get lost of its vast feature-contents. But, in order to guide the users back on track, this program includes a help file from which you can get any info about this software. Plus, wizards will help you to partition a drive using step-by step process depending on your choice with a lot of customizing options.

With EaseUS partitioning manager, the users can also recover the lost or deleted partitions and it supports a whole bunch of drive formats. All of these features come totally free. Give this program a try for your partitioning magic.