EaseUS Partition Master Review


Despite having simplified in all of upcoming Operating System, Partition Management is considerably a geeky-job for almost every normal PC user, particularly when they hear about the process. A few days before, a friend had a doubt on how to extend C Drive in Windows 7, as he needed to install some heavy programmes. However, when I told him the process of going to disk management section and extending hard drive partition through a simple step, he was as though I had told him to format the PC.

Most probably, this hesitance by normal users is because of the clumsy UI of disk management section of Windows. Nevertheless, EaseUS Partition Master is all set to wipe away this hesitation by introducing an intuitive, powerful and effective way to manage disk partitions in Windows-based PCs. Here, in this post, we will have a review of EaseUS Partition Master and we are sure that you will, at least once, think of using it to resize partition of PC. It will be quite useful for those who have purchased new laptops recently, because most of PC manufacturers ship their devices with one or two partitions, which are not enough for a multipurpose user of PC. So, we will start with the brief review of EaseUS Partition Master now.


Intro and Partition Management

Well, EaseUS had made EaseUS Partition Master free so that users will be able to use it for having a well-organized & easily accessible PC. Despite the fact that there is a premium version of EaseUS Partition Master, the free version is a superb tool when it comes to managing hard drive partitions. According to our experience, it is one of the best tools, you can get for management of hard disk partitions. Now, we will move on to exciting features of EaseUS Partition Master.

Wide Support

EaseUS Partition Master offers support for a number of Operating Systems including popular ones. It does offer wide support for Windows 8, 7, Windows XP and versions that are amidst these. Also, using EaseUS Partition Master, you will be able to manage partitions that are based on different file systems such as EXT3, EXT2, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 as well as FAT12. Yet, required system configuration of EaseUS Partition Master is too low that any PC that you use will be able to use EaseUS Partition Master for hard disk management process. In addition, it also offers wide language support including Deutsch.


One Tool, Different Purposes

Despite the fact that EaseUS Partition Master is officially a tool to manage (tasks like merging, extending, adding and deleting) hard disk partitions, some additional tools accompany EaseUS Partition Master. One of notable features of EaseUS Partition Master is Operating System Migration. You can do so by migrating your entire files to a SSD or HDD. Similarly, there is an option to clone disks and it will be quite helpful when you want every bit of information in HDD or SSD partition to be copied to anther drive or partition. Of course, such additional features make EaseUS Partition Master a must-have tool for every user.


We were very impressed by EaseUS Partition Master and we will recommend this awesome tool to all our readers. You can download EaseUS Partition Manager from its official site and start magic with HDD partitions.