Digital Marketing with Johnny Chen


O how times have changed! The world keeps changing on us while we have to adapt and make the most of the opportunities that it brings to us. This is one of the things that have happened with this social media age.

Just in the recent past (late 90s up until the early 20s) TV media was everything. And unless you were a big player or at least had the money to pay for adverts on TV, there was a limit to your business’s visibility. But a lot has changed since then and there is a lot that you can now achieve with online media with the right skill.

Understanding Digital Marketing

This is also called online marketing as it primarily is about using the internet to promote or market one’s brand and in so doing connect with potential customers. This way of doing business came up as the internet revolution became more popular and with the coming in of social media, it is now a big deal. You can read more here.

Note that today, any serious brand or organization that wants to keep resonating with its customers while trying to win more over definitely has to make use of digital marketing. On the other hand, even a newbie in business or anyone who just starts a brand and is not even a big player in the market has more than a chance to be successful using digital marketing. As it is said, the internet is a great equalizer. 

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Accurate Assessment Of Results

It is important to keep tabs on everything that an organization is doing in today’s world. This way, you can monitor the progress (or failures) being made. Now, digital marketing helps you do this as it is able to keep track of everyone that visits your site and those that actually make purchases.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Unlike TV and radio adverts that are for everyone, the strategies employed in digital marketing can focus primarily on your target audience. Note that this is also as a result of the ability to keep track of those that visit your site. With these stats in hand, attention can be focused on them to inform them of the various products or programs that can be of great benefit to them.

Levels The Playing Field

As earlier stated, traditionally, there already are organizations that have dominated certain industries and sectors of the country such that it will be hard for a newbie to penetrate talk more of a small business or a start-up. However, with the internet’s leveling of the playing field, this is no longer much of a challenge as anyone or business can make it. You can read more on this at

Marketing Strategies to Use

There are various strategies that can be adopted in digital marketing to achieve success. These skills can be learnt, practiced and perfected for maximum effects by anyone interested enough in learning them. Some of these strategies include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which aims at ensuring that your site ranks high on search engines organically.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) which is the practice of using paid adverts to promote one’s brand or business on search engine results.
  • Social media marketing which includes everything that a brand or business does using social media channels.
  • Mobile marketing which simply is the practice that focuses on reaching your target audience on their mobile phones or tablets.

However, though it is encouraged for individuals to learn these skills or strategies, it is important to recognize that there are those who specialize in these services. And as can be expected, specialists have more expert knowledge than part timers. You can visit Johnny Chen Media to learn more about everything we’ve discussed here.

Remember also, that the aim here is to grow your brand in a very competitive market. And to do this, you need the best services that you can get. 


It is said that one of the traits in successful people is their ability to spot and maximize opportunities. It is the maximization of those opportunities that have brought them success.

The internet has opened up many avenues for people to thrive today. It is only smart that you maximize the opportunity that you have to grow your business or brand.