Different Types of Pumps and their Applications


Pumps are mechanical devices that are utilized in the movement of fluids from one place to another. Pumps can broadly be categorized into dynamic and displacement pumps. Thompson Pump manufactures different types of devices that are varied depending on their uses.

<>Dynamic Pumps

p>The dynamic pumps are made up of the following;

<>Centrifugal Devices

p>These are rotating machines whose flow of fluid and pressure is generated dynamically. These pumps are efficient, strong, and cheap to make. Changes in pressure drive the fluid throughout the system. These types of pumps are used in general home use, such as pumping water from wells.

Vertical Pumps

These are mechanical devices that use a special type of shaft and have a design that allows the fluid to fall within the pit. There are different applications of vertical pumps, such as a parts washer that does not use the filling container to cover the shaft.

Fire Hydrant Systems

These are high-force water pumps used to boost the capacity of fire fighting in buildings by increasing the speed of water flow. The hydrant boosters are mainly used in irrigation systems and water transfer systems that require a high fluid force.

Septic Pumps

These are submersible devices that are used in construction sites and other industrial buildings. They are used to moving rainwater, chemicals, foodstuffs, and sewage in commercial and residential buildings.

There are different types of pipes used depending on the application. These include low flow, high end, and high flow.

Displacement Pumps

These are categorized into gear pumps, lobes, pistons, and diaphragm devices. Diaphragm pumps are used in areas where power is unavailable, such as combustion and unstable regions. Manufacturers can also use them in the transfer of food and chemicals in the manufacturing industry.

Other applications of pumps are pumping gas or oil, pond filtering, and fuel injection in automobiles. They can also be used in water recycling systems and the pulp industry.