Design Tips For Your Business Blog

Blog printed on an old typewriter

You may think you have a very well-written collection of blog posts, but see no flow-through of visitors and readers.  An informative, engaging piece of literature is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to efficacy online.

The finest piece ever written means nothing online until it is seen by the many.  Views equal quality (to some extent) when it comes to designing an effective business blog.  Here are a few helpful design tips for building a more visible business blog online.

Blog printed on an old typewriter

Integrate social media share buttons into the design

Every great business blog provides its readers the ability to share the posts they love the most.  People love sharing their interests on social media, and one click of a button gives your business free publicity.

Like this example website shows, the integration of social media looks natural.  Our eyes are used to seeing these symbols, and they almost make viewers feel more comfortable.  A blog equipped with share buttons looks more official.

Research up-to-date and relevant keywords

Before you begin writing your next great blog post, make sure to perform some thorough keyword research.  There are various tools available online for you to use, and they’re pretty much all free.

Research the importance of keyword saturation as well.  Once you have the right words to direct the search engines to your blog post, you need to make sure there is a balanced saturation of different variations of those words within your text.

Only use high quality images and videos

When you create a new blog post, you need to include more than just text in your article.  Variate the types of media and communication you use to draw more attention from the search engines.

Use only high quality images, videos, and social media snippet posts, as Google can tell the difference between a pixelated image and a clear image.  File sizes should also be optimized for loading speed.

Mix up your content types

There are all different types of content to use when creating a great blog post.  You can use animated gifs, images, quizzes, polls, and much more to get your point across to the reader and boost reader engagement.

When there is more to click around and fool around with within the body of your post, people spend more time on the page.  People also tend to read the whole article when there are nifty little things to keep them interested along the way.

Post regularly to maintain interest

If you plan to continue building your web presence, you have to continue posting entries on your business blog.  People will quickly lose interest if you do not post at least once per week.