Deal like You’ve Never done before with DealGuru


Online shopping has become popular like never before. People prefer buying stuff online now because the payment has been made safer; the delivery process is now fast as well. But how do you find reliable deals? There are plenty of websites that provide eCommerce service and not all are reliable, neither trustworthy. Residing in India, buying from some international commerce sites might not feel comfortable either. For people who are looking for the attractive deals online and want to make the transaction and delivery locally might want to check out DealGuru.

image001Buying & selling stuff online is more profitable than ever. Many expenditure is waived because no physical place is required to make the shopping happen, no other explicit cost is incurred either. Online deals are the best deals nowadays and DealGuru brings the unlimited possibilities in online shopping.

DealGuru is a concern of the popular Indian eCommerce site AskMeBazaar. Over the web many websites have already earned their due reputation and the new ones are on their way. To visit the ongoing hot deals going on at DealGuru, visit here.

How DealGuru Is Different

How is DealGuru different from all other typical online eCommerce sites? The name suggests that the dealing nature of this website, but how do these deals usually take place? DealGuru basically emphasizes on the online shopping style and makes it profitable for both buying and selling parties. Market occupying companies show their products off at a very profiting rate. After a while most of these products lose their appeal to their consumer base and the products start disappearing from the markets to make way for the new products. What if someone from somewhere still wishes to buy these old goods?

image003DealGuru purchases these old yet brand new condition goods and sell them off to buyers at very lower prices than their original retail price. The manufacturing companies would have dumped these products anyways, so why not take an attempt to deliver these products to the customers who still want them at a lower price? This makes the customers get their desired product for cheap and buyers clear off their inventories.

This is how DealGuru by AskMeBazaar works out, it liquidates any excess inventory available at any manufacturers’ storage.

The Way DealGuru Works

DealGuru conducts their business in such way so that there is some profit in all ends. The widespread network of DealGuru collects the excess inventory sample from all over the country and assessing their quality, a price tag is offered. If everything is alright then the products are put up on the website. Then the shopping and transaction processes take place on the DealGuru website.

image004The shopping process isn’t any different from the typical online commerce sites. DealGuru physically assesses the products by themselves and do the photo shoots to keep the quality constant. There is no compromise with the quality! Upon placement of an order, DealGuru will call the buyer to make sure the order is still on and then deliver the good within shortest possible convenience.

DealGuru offers return & refund options. If a good is not at a pleasant state or the buyers don’t want the good anymore for a logical reason, DealGuru will take that back and make a refund.

Available Products on DealGuru

Basically, everything is available on DealGuru. Currently there are more than 1000 live deals going on at the website. More than 900 sellers across the country are conducting the sales and there is a considerable amount of interested people in those deals as well. Attractive deals are taking place under Fashion, Electronics & Home Appliances and Beauty products etc.


If you have been looking for a good that’s run out of the manufacturer’s inventory, you must take a look at DealGuru. There’s a good chance you will find that at an attractive rate. Visit the website and happy shopping!