Cyware: Nip the threat in the bud


The cyber threat landscape is changing at a fast pace, and cybersecurity news has claimed its spot on the front pages in recent months. Grab any leading daily and you will know it. This underscores the importance of cyber security for present generation for which cyber awareness is the key to top notch cyber security and internet security. It’s not easy to find the right information from tens of thousands of cyber news articles and feeds published every day. Enters the Cyware; a cyber security App which employs machine learning based curation engine to separate the diamond from the coal and bring to you the most relevant cyber content based on your needs.

Cyware is not just an App but kind of a personal cyber security guide which nourishes our cyber awareness by providing expertly curated cyber security and internet security news from the huge number of news articles, expert blogs and opinions published every day over the internet. Download and install Cyware and you will quickly realize that it is a comprehensive cyber situational awareness platform, designed to help you stay informed about the latest happenings in the cyber world with expertly curated news stories and updates.
What does a professional cyber security expert need? Not just the static but dynamic knowledge that helps him stay steps ahead of the hackers. Given the changing nature of cyber threat landscape, the prudent and pragmatic approach for any security team or general internet user who seeks foolproof internet security lies in situational cyber awareness; something which is transient and needs nourishing on a daily basis. The multitude of threat actors needs multifaceted security approach which tackles every threat with more than optimum response. However, for such an approach cyber awareness needs to be there in the first place; else the entire security framework becomes disjointed.

Cyware is available for both the Android and iOS users. The short and well summarized updates which are disseminated timely act as threat intelligence feeds and today every cyber security organization or security team of every organization realizes the importance of threat intelligence.

A quick security update which can be forwarded to right people be it clients, security team, leadership team or peers can act as a blessing in disguise. An old adage says “A stitch in time saves nine” and this is exactly what separates professional cyber security response from an amateur security response. Use Cyware and you won’t be disappointed. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, it is the right kind of App which your security team needs to be cyber aware and nip the threat in the bud.