Cyber Security as a Career Path


Today’s Job Outlook

It’s becoming hard to ignore the fact that technology will soon be replacing many jobs. It’s obvious from the advancement of driverless vehicles that people who deliver goods or provide ride-sharing services will soon be replaced by AI technologies. The news often tells of robots replacing jobs in the fast food industry due to the increasing demand for higher minimum wages. Many reports predict up to seven million jobs lost by the year 2030.


Where Can I Find Job Security?

You might think highly educated professionals such as doctors and lawyers are immune to this technology. No, developing AI is even beginning to threaten these industries. Perhaps, since the threat is from the technology, technology is where you should be looking for your future security. Cybersecurity, or Information Security as it’s known in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is going to be one of the fastest growing job markets through 2022. It’s best to start looking for a job in tech companies if you want to secure your career. Being part of the IT team will surely help you maintain a career while growing in your knowledge of the latest trends in technology.

Wh>What Are the Options for Cybersecurity Careers?

>There are a variety of paths you can take to work towards a career in information security. There are successful cyber-security professionals out there who have circumvented the traditional educational path, building the knowledge and skills from scratch and coming up in an infant industry.

Teaching yourself coding and mastering the use of various hacking tools available online may lack the structure and guided learning many need to get employable technical skills. And, this is no longer an infant industry, it is now a highly sophisticated and rapidly changing environment that requires constantly updated skills and knowledge.

You may choose instead to pursue certifications or degrees in programs like computer science and information technology; they even have a bachelor of science in Homeland Security. You should research all possibilities, thoroughly consider the skill-set you already have, and the cost and what is the potential return on investment for yourself.

In the private sector, you could find yourself working for a small company keeping their website safe, or large corporations protecting the interests of many stakeholders.Companies choose from individual freelance cybersecurity professionals, cybersecurity firms, or hold permanent positions within their organizations for their cybersecurity in house.

The government has an expanding need for many levels of cybersecurity. You could work protecting student databases or find yourself defending our national security at the highest levels from the newest and possibly greatest threat;cyberattacks.

Ho>How Well Does Cybersecurity Pay?

>You can work part-time independently just earning a supplemental income. You could also work full time for a company, Monday through Friday, with all of the benefits that come with employment. In either case, beginning salaries are like those of any industry but can go into the six figures for those that amass the knowledge and skills that are in growing demand.

Are you interested in this type of technology but need a job that has a more fulfilling sense to it? Patriotism, perhaps, has led some to work for the government protecting people from the looming danger to National Security from cyberattacks.