Court Apple 100kespoacute9to5mac

Court Apple 100kespoacute9to5mac

Supreme Court Denies to Hear Apple vs. Qualcomm Argument

There has been a lot of buzz around the Apple vs. Qualcomm disputes. As per the records, it all started in 2017 when Qualcomm sued Apple for patent infringement. As per Qualcomm, the modem technology used in iPhone was a direct infringement of a patent owned by Qualcomm. Qualcomm has been a major supplier of Apple modem chips. For a short duration, Apple switched to Intel during the negotiations.

Court Apple 100kespoacute9to5mac

What is Court Apple 100kespoacute9to5mac ?

The Supreme Court in united states of America puts Apple vs Qualcomm battle to rest

After fighting the case till 2019, the companies decided to opt for a settlement route and dispersed all the litigations. The business was as usual after the settlement. The settlement term was set till 2025, and Apple wanted to opt for a risk-averse approach. Apple felt that Qualcomm could sue the brand again over two patents owned by Qualcomm.

To mitigate the risk, Apple sued Qualcomm in Supreme Court, and it tried to cancel the two patents held by Qualcomm for the second time since June 2022. As per the updates available, Supreme Court refused to hear the argument based on the settlement deal between Qualcomm and Apple.

The case is now closed for upcoming years unless Qualcomm decides to sue Apple again. Apple has iPhones planned in the future that may or may not infringe the patent rights of Qualcomm. It is also reported that in 2024 or 2025, Apple will replace Qualcomm 5G modems with its in-house 5G modem chipset. One of the spokespersons from Qualcomm stated that the two patents are not related to 5G.

It would be interesting to see how this argument shapes up between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple might be paranoid about future lawsuits or have realistic fears about the new chipset. Apple would certainly want to opt for a more careful approach as it increases capital expenditure on chip R&D.