Converting Your PDF to Word File: Why Use PDFBear ?


PDFs or portable document formats are the type of files that you can easily access and share with everyone. Well, most of the time, PDFs can be overwhelming because they come in large files. As of today, people have been using pdf in many ways. May it be a tool for work, eBooks, education, corporate files, and curriculum vitae.

With what the world is facing right now, pdf files are becoming essential for work and school. PDFs can sometimes be overwhelming as they can easily affect the memory of your hard drive or computer. They also come in different file formats. With that, there will be times you need to convert your PDF file into a Word document, and PDFBear can quickly achieve that. So here’s why you need to use PDFBear to do the process.

PDF to Word Conversion Process is Easy to Perform

With the PDF to Word online free tool, there will be no problem converting your PDF document into a Word file, and you can do it for free. This type of technology is hard to grip, and only a few online tools can provide that. However, PDFBear makes it effortless for its users to convert their PDF files into other file formats. In less than a minute, the PDF file you will convert will be usable and shared with anyone.

PDFBear is Cheap and Efficient

What makes PDFbear reliable is that they thoroughly provide the needs of its users without any inconvenience. Some online pdf tools require installation and payment. But with PDFbear, there will be no installation needed. You can convert PDF files without the need to spend a single dime on this tool. PDFbear is free for everyone who needs their service. 

You might wonder if it’s reliable or not because it’s free. Well, one of the policies of this tool is to provide top quality in their services. Many of its users can attest to that as well. That’s just one of the excellent reasons why you should pick PDFbear as your primary pdf online tool. 

Other Features

PDFBear’s tools are not only focused on helping you convert your PDF files. There are tons of other tools that you can use to help you with your needs. There are other tools such as merge pdf, repair pdf, split pdf, and many more. These tools can be found on PDFBear’s website. Like the conversion tool, the other features can also be used for free and repeatedly used. 

Online Security

Online-based platforms worry many people since there are many instances where anyone could access other people’s files. It’s no surprise since technology has allowed everyone to explore the world digitally. Uploading your files on the internet can sometimes be dangerous. Still, with this software, you will have nothing to worry about. 

All of the files that you upload on PDFBear’s server are encrypted. These encryptions are different for all of the files that you upload. Meaning, if you uploaded three separate documents, they will all have different encryptions, which make it challenging for anyone to get a copy of your files. Added to that, your files will also be deleted from the server after 60 minutes. 

Premium Subscription

PDFBear has extended features for users who want more. A subscription is not a requirement to use PDFBear’s tools. It’s only an option for those users who want to maximize the services of PDFBear. If you choose to get a subscription, you will have no limitations on all tools. You can upload all of your files no matter how big it is.


There’s a bunch of online pdf tools you can find in the market today. As you know, even if you’re an employee or a student, the safety of your files comes first. You don’t want to make the wrong decision of trusting other pdf online tools. But, with the right tool, you will progress smoothly and quickly. That’s why you need to start using PDFBear now.