How to Clean Dirt from Bottom of Pool

How to Clean Dirt from Bottom of Pool

How to Clean Dirt from Bottom of Pool

It can indeed be quite frustrating to find a pool with dust and dirt. Of course, the skimmers can help you remove the items like leaves and other larger elements like insects, but finer dirt cannot be removed that much easier. The issue would essentially be with the task of removing the dirt from the bottom. The best option to take care of in such circumstances would be to use a pump and filter combination for the best results.

Clean larger Debris

Removing the large debris can be one of the best options and easy to work with. Using a leaf rake in those circumstances can be an excellent option to go with. This will help you make the debris settle at the bottom of the pool and remove it by hand. Make sure you use the plastic rake so that the bottom of the pool does not get damaged. 

Use a pump and filter 

You can use the vacuum pump and filter combination for the best possible results. It can be one of the best options to clean up the debris from the pool, or even from the bottom of the pool. The use of a pump will ensure that the water will move through the filter and thus will help you remove the dust particles. It can help you take care of both suspended and floating debris in an effective and efficient manner. You can check the best filter and pump combination on Pool Cleaner Lab reviews. 

Ensure a proper maintenance

Prevention is better than cure – as they say. While the statement is about one’s health, it should hold good when it comes to cleaning up your pool as well. Make it a habit of cleaning up the pool manually on a daily basis. This can essentially help you achieve the best results because it will limit the amount of debris that can get collected at the bottom of the pool. Covering the pool when not in use would also be a good option. And yes, make sure that you are not adding up more debris when you are removing the cover. 

Brush up the walls 

Brushing up the walls can be yet another excellent option to take care of your pool maintenance. Brush up the sides of the pool with a stiff brush. This will loosen up the debris so that they will gt collected at the bottom. You should be able to remove them easily using the filter and pump combination, as explained above. Keep the pump off and brush up the walls every week. Once the debris has been swept away from the walls, you can use vacuuming to address the debris collected at the bottom. 

Yet another option that can work efficiently in taking care of the cleaning process can be the use of Automatic cleaners. Check out the reviews for the best automatic cleaning options for the best possible experience. Do note that all pumps work the same way in all pool configurations. Robot cleaners with remote operations can be a good option if you can handle the budget. 

Those were a few good options you can check out for an efficient and effective cleaning of the bottom of your pool.