Check these tips before Importing from China


China has grown to be the manufacturing hub for the world. We guess there is nothing you cannot source from China these days. If you are looking for the manufacturing options for your business, China can be one of the best one – thanks to its booming economy. However, it would be essential to take care of a few tips before you can you can actually plan sourcing your imports from China.

Check These Tips before Importing From China

Before you can rush your first order to China, ensure you have checked the following tips for a fruitful and successful journey into the do’s and don’ts of Chinese import. These can be helpful in avoiding any of the future issues that may land you in trouble for non-compliance.

#1 Have a better understanding of Rules and Regulations

Ensure that you have been complying the rules and regulations that govern the import that you are indulging in. In most cases, the regulations will be dependent upon the product you have chosen. If you are not careful enough, you may end up signing up with a manufacturer who may not be complying with the regulations.

Please note that the product and the manufacturer should comply by the regulations of the country to which the products are being imported. Study and analyse which regulations your product needs to comply with. This can go a long way in helping you avoid any untoward instances when the product is actually shipped.

#2 Check Out the Reputation of the Suppliers

If you are importing goods from China or any other country for that matter that for all the issues arising out for the product, you as an importer will be solely responsible. If the regulations and specifications fail and thus result in any kind of serious concerns to the consumer, you are likely to be sued.

With that perspective, ensure that you are working with the right kind of manufacturer. The certification and reliability of your supplier should ideally be of utmost importance. This is what would make it imperative to inspect the product and the facility in person for a better understanding. It is in this context that the sourcing agents like Leeline Sourcing services can come in handy.

#3 Take into Account the Transport Times

This can be an important and decisive factor when you are importing products from China. The standard time for imports from China is around 35 days. The actual time may vary depending upon the origin of port and other aspects of transportation.

Your best plan should be to ensure that the time to ship your products from China should be Three months in advance. There are custom timelines that need to be considered for arriving at the best possible results. If you face any of the issues due to documentation or any similar issues, your shipment may be delayed.

#4 Have Your Suppliers Regard You as Important

Your suppliers may be getting frequent orders from other clients including you. Learn the ways to ensure that they prioritise your orders over those from others.

Ensure that you are making prompt and timely payments. Follow the payment schedule to the core. Get in touch with our suppliers at regular intervals. Incentivise them with inputs on training their workforce or similar other endeavours. In other words, do not hesitate in investing in your supplier.

The Concluding thoughts

Opting for a Chinese supplier is not an easy task as it may appear. Ensuring that you are working with the proper guidelines and with the right kind of sourcing agents can indeed help you achieve the best of both worlds.