Catch that Great Home with Real-Time Real Estate Listings


According to the Carolina One website, homes are constantly listed and sold via savvy connections on the Internet as well as through real estate agents. A coveted property may quickly sell before most buyers even learn it’s on the market.

People who want to maneuver through the fast-paced real estate market have a friend in technology, however. Using apps and traditional websites, buyers can use strategic technological tools to nail a property before multiple bids come in.


Avoid third parties

It seems as if there are dozens of real estate listing websites that all carry the same information. Most of these sites are third parties, however.

For the most current information, find a website that’s directly affiliated with MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. The moment a property is placed on the system, MLS posts the details.

Third-party outlets may take as long as nine days to pick up that information. By then, the property may have been sold. Quality properties and popular locations sell quickly, so make yourself the first in line to see these relevant listings.

Set up alerts

To be truly on top of the home search, set up push notifications on a cell phone or email alerts for laptops. Each MLS website usually has this option to help customers stay ready to bid on the next new listing.

In the past, people had to contact their Realtor repeatedly to get new listing information. Today, buyers can find the listing and contact the Realtor afterward.

Any missed opportunities aren’t the agent’s burden, so this gives buyers more power during home searches. The search can even be divided between family members, if desired: One neighborhood for each family member works well for finding the right home.

Work with a qualified Realtor

Although technology will take you far in the home search process, a qualified Realtor is still necessary to negotiate and close a sale. Research local realtors by studying online reviews from past clients.

You might even check a specific Realtor’s license information. Buyers want a fair real estate agent with quality credentials. Poorly reviewed Realtors won’t work hard for you and may create more problems.

Interview several candidates before settling on a representative. A good conversation and positive vibes with an in-person interview can tell you a lot about the Realtor’s work ethic.

Contact immediately

Once you receive a listing alert, time is of the essence. You need to call your Realtor to set up an appointment with the seller.

Some properties in the top markets sell within days. Place a bid as quickly as possible, if the property is right. Don’t overlook anything during the house tour.

You might adore the house from the outside, but indoor issues can cost significant money over time. Make a smart decision after the home tour and walk away if necessary. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a buying frenzy.

The perfect home is waiting for people who commit time and effort to the search. Browse through different online tools to find the best information for a particular neighborhood. The real estate search may actually be a short one if you have the right information and timing.