Candy Crush Saga Review




Candy Crush Saga is a very popular puzzle game for smartphones. It is very simplistic in the first glance but as you proceed through almost hundreds of puzzle adventures in the game; you realize the game is not quite so easy. Especially on the higher levels breaking the layers become so difficult and you might have to keep stuck in one point unless some friend lend their hand to help you out. Having said that; this game is connectable to Facebook so you can ask your Facebook friends to help. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

 Get Crushed with Candy Crush Saga

This game is free for all smartphone operating system platforms. It’s very easy to be put inside the casual genre. You will not even realize when Candy Crush Saga just gets you addicted; when you do it will already be too late. You will just keep on playing and playing, and playing unless your device dies of low battery. And if you spend money for the in-app purchases then it will suck up your wallet as well so be careful about that. Color matching is all you do on Candy Crush Saga; it might seem like matching colors forever. If you don’t mind doing so; then download the app and get on board!


The gameplay is simple. If you are a player of Bejeweled or one of thousands of the rip offs of Bejeweled then you already have tasted the candies on Candy Crush Saga. Because it’s basically the same game; just the developers have replaced gems with candies because stones were getting just boring. If such a little trick can earn so much money then there’s nothing wrong doing such, either.

So after the game begins, you are given a fixed number of movements. You are allowed to swipe the candies to switch their current positions to match up with three others. When three same colored candies come together in a row; or maybe 5 candies on an ‘L’ shape they will get crushed and make way for the other.

You are greeted with a cheerful music after each level ends. If it’s a hard level, you will actually be very happy to complete a level successfully.

Background Music

Why are we mentioning the background music in a different paragraph? Because you need to know! During the gameplay the background music would very soon turn out to be very boring and gloomy. Especially when you are nearly getting out of moves, eating your nails off your fingers and that dizzy background music just turns you off.

image006The Devious Side

Don’t let the sweetness of the candies win you over; because you will get to discover the devious side once you get stuck in a level. You only have certain moves and once you run out of them, you have to pay for the lives if you don’t want to wait half an hour per life. Lives would cost $16.99 which is indeed a large amount; and there’s another inexpensive option to win special bonus powers for 99 cents. But both options require real money.

Sweet Conclusion

Candy crush is indeed a casual yet very colorful puzzle game that will keep your finger busy sliding on your device’s display. There are rooms for strategic winning; you will have to find your way out through winning each level. You won’t get bored so easily – that’s the best side.

This is the guest post by Christopher Austin and!