Bitcore the Future of Cryptocurrency

Bitcore the Future of Cryptocurrency

Have you been investing in Bitcoin? In that case, we must say you should be someone quite rich enough. Bitcoin has indeed been worth of the investment since long. The arena of cryptocurrency has been growing by many folds and there have been a host of new currencies making their presence felt. Among the lot, one of the most capable cryptocurrency we cited includes Bitcore. What is it and how does it change the cryptocurrency arena for better? We will find out.

Bitcore BTX – What it Is?

Well, like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcore is another cryptocurrency that was launched in April 2017. That would make it one of the recent coins and maybe you will be sceptical about it.

Bitcore the Future of Cryptocurrency

Bit, it is indeed a name to reckon with. A hybrid fork of Bitcoin, it comes with all the best features that Bitcoin has to offer, while eliminating certain issues that the first cryptocurrency of the world has been going through.

Yes, Bitcore takes a lot from Bitcoin in essence. Developed by Bitsend, the coin can be considered to be a copy of Bitcoin in most respects. It differs from Bitcoin on two basic counts. The Bitcore has a faster block time and a larger block size. This should make it the faster cryptocurrency that would provide you almost instant confirmation of transactions. The larger block size ensures that it can perform more transactions than Bitcoin in any given time frame.

What should make it a good investment?

Bitcore thrives on the power of community. That is precisely they do not have a central mechanism to control the system. In fact, they do not have an ICO, but rely on Airdrops for coin distribution. Bitcore believes that staying away from ICO ensures a equal and fair distribution of the coins among the members of the community.

It offers the lowest transaction fees in the history of Cryptocurrency – well, almost. It comes with a host of cryptocurrency advantages like faster transactions as well. In essence, these factors would make it best suited for use in day to day transactions. Bitcore has been focussing on building a community of diverse and multi-faceted members practically unrestricted by the geographical boundaries.

The development as such is governed by the needs and convictions of the community. As indicated by the Bitcore whitepaper, the community driven approach has been the main reason that has helped Bitcore become one of the promising cryptocurrencies in just over a year of launch. That should also explain why they do not have a roadmap that is centrally defined. The team is looking to introduce newer concepts and we would definitely foresee a worthy improvement in the years ahead.

Winding Up

We would definitely look at Bitcore as a capable service in its own right. And it indeed lives up to its tagline of The Future Is Now! If you are indeed ready for the future, Bitcore is the best thing that can ever happen to you. It has been designed to improvise the Bitcoin and it has indeed been up to the task. Fully compatible with the technologies like SegWit, Bloom and Lightning Network, it has indeed been looking straight into the future.