Big Leaps in Technology For Buying a Home


Technology has taken huge leaps in helping people deal in real estate. The good news is that it’s mostly customer driven.

As home buyers look for a home, the key indicator they have found the top professional to serve them is the professional’s proven ability to use technology. Beginning with an online search, it’s usually the case that a stronger web presence reflects the quality of service you can expect through all phases of the transaction.


The National Association of REALTORS® and Google collaborated on a study, The Digital House Hunt, where they claim, “Nine in 10 home buyers today rely on the Internet as one of their primary research sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step.” Here are some of the reasons.

Listings are easy to find on the Internet

There are more than fifty real estate search engines on which brokers can place their listings. In the US, Zillow has become a top consumer choice. Of course, Zillow is an amazing resource for finding new homes and apartments, but it isn’t the best at finding services that meet the needs of your current home. For that, you’ll have to rely on Internet searches to find the best contractors around. Make sure that you’re getting the best services possible from experienced, certified professionals like F&B Painting Contracting. Keep searching and getting estimates until you land the on the right organization.

Chase International in Reno, Nevada has set the gold standard for local real estate company web presence. If you can find a local website of this quality, everything you’re apt to need from the Internet will be there.

The best services allow 20 photos per home and supply 20 or more information fields to detail the attributes of the house and provide tax and even school district information. Many buyers who move from one community to another set the local site as their browser home page.

The industry has become digital

At minimum, most savvy real estate professionals use scanning and email to convey the paperwork typically necessary for most purchase and sale agreements. Various state regulations limit the ability to keep digital permanent broker files.

The most progressive legislation allows almost everything to be handled electronically, including signatures. This is a huge advantage for home buyers and sellers who are shifting from one region of the country to another.

Communication should be tailored to the client

Through a professional or directly with some listing services, a home buyer can have all listings within a given geographic area, house features, and price ranges automatically sent to an email address. Apps for smartphones are available for many real estate companies and listing services that allow you to set up a portal and view the latest listings customized for an instant search.

Another key to professionalism is flexibility between text, email, phone, or other forms of communication with which the client is most comfortable.

Start preparing to sell your home the day you buy

Although the average homeowner now lives in a house for seven years, the wise homeowner allows knowledgeable professionals to send periodic information on housing trends in the area.

Real estate conditions are localized. The top real estate professionals create newsletters that have some national, regional, and community information that’s helpful for every homeowner who cares about this substantial family investment.

By staying in touch with market conditions, you can begin your research on your next possible move to meet potential changes in your family situation. Timing can be critical to make or save money.