What are the best mobile phones available in Market ?


When choosing a new smartphone, you know you want to find something that will last, won’t become obsolete in a short period of time, and will provide the features you desire as a user. So, whether you are an Apple or Android fan, there are a few great options for you to consider when it is time to choose your new phone. These are a few of the top options to consider if you are getting ready to buy a new smartphone in the near future.


Galaxy S8
This phone by Samsung is the latest in the Galaxy series. It is large, it is bold, it is intuitive, and it looks good as well. The fingerprint reader adds some security as well. With a large user interface, a very responsive touch screen, great camera quality, amazing battery life, and water-resistant surface, you won’t find many phones which look this good, and are going to offer the features and design you require as a user. It is very fast, it has a nice curve around design, and it offers plenty of external storage capability if you plan on adding photos, video, or other media and would like to store it to your phone. Over the years top of the range smart phones have become more and more expensive. Luckily many retailers have realised this and have started to offer these types of smart phones on finance. There are loads of different retailers which offer this. Before making a decision on whether you would like to get a smart phone on finance make sure you pick the right deal, plan and phone for you.

Google Pixel 
Whether you go with the traditional or XL model, you will love them both. Google has done plenty of work since they initially introduce a smart phone to the market, and this one is a great improvement over their first models which were introduced years ago. A 5.5” quad display, 32 GB storage, 21 MP front facing camera, and a rugged body design is not going to break down or get damaged easily when you drop your phone. Water resistant face is also a nice feature if you are using the phone in work conditions.

iPhone 7 
You still can’t leave iPhone off the list when it comes to choosing a new phone. Although the 8 is in the works, you will find that this latest model comes in the traditional as well as the XL size. It has a nice zoom feature for the camera and video lover in you, the audio quality is exceptional, speakers are great quality, and the water proofing features are a nice addition from the previous models of the phone. A nice curved design, the flagship helper in Siri, and the many great touch screen functions and capabilities, are all features owners love. Add in the pristine graphics and extremely fast browsing capabilities, and you can’t find many phones which are going to out shine the iPhone on the market.

No matter what your budget is, what phone you love, or whether you prefer android or apple based products, you will find that there are a number of great phones you can choose from today. For those who want to find the best, if you like the newest, and if you are looking for something that is solid and built to last, these are a few of the top models you can purchase online or in stores today.