The Benefits Of Liquefied Natural Gas

The Benefits Of Liquefied Natural Gas

There are many reasons why companies and even cities are investing in lng construction . The benefits of liquefied natural gas are many and those who have thus far taken advantage of it are very pleased with the results. Here are some of the benefits that one can expect when utilizing liquefied natural gas as a fuel alternative.

The Benefits Of Liquefied Natural Gas

1. Liquefied natural gas is one of the safest options available. The combustion point is hundreds of degrees lower than that of gasoline or diesel. The track record of safe usage when using liquefied natural gas is second to none.

2. The environment impact of liquefied natural gas is far less than that of other fuels. In comparison to diesel, the emission savings are significant. For example, nitrogen oxides are reduced by 80%, particulates are reduced by 75%, and greenhouse gasses are reduced by up to 20%.

If liquefied natural gas is used as a fuel for vehicles, the emission savings are also extraordinary. In these cases, nitrogen oxides are reduced by 50%, particulates by 10%, and greenhouse emissions by 15%. All in all, it is easy to see why liquefied natural gas is such a popular fuel alternative.

3. The cost of energy continues to grow year by year. This is a huge reason why alternative fuel options must be explored and seriously considered. Liquefied natural gas ranks as among the lowest cost transportable fuels that are on the market today.

4. On the rare instances that accidents occur involving natural gas, there is no need for remediation. The soil, groundwater, and surface waters are all safe as liquefied natural gas simply evaporates into the air immediately after spilling. It then dissipates with no further trace.

As can be seen, the benefits of switching to liquefied natural gas on as many fronts as possible are great indeed. Companies can not only save money in fueling and transportation costs, but they can enjoy the added benefit of consumer goodwill due to choosing environmentally-friendly fuel options. All of these benefits go a long way towards bettering the bottom line of the company involved.