Beginners guide to RTB Marketing



Internet marketers have seen how media has evolved from website publishing to ad networks and real time exchanges. It is no wonder that online advertisers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to market their products and services. In this ever changing landscape, it can become rather confusing to step into a new frontier. Here is a beginner’s guide to RTB marketing and how it can help you get off on the right foot.

RTB transactions that are bid on will appear in an advertisement exchange section where they are referred to as real time. There are many pros to using this system, some of which are explained below.

Save money through faster response times

When used correctly, online marketers will know the real quality of achieving better target accuracy and ROI. Aside from improving the cost of the buy, the entire process can save you money and resource costs. With exact targeting through computer algorithms, online marketers can now get full access to their potential customers much quicker than ever before.


One of the biggest benefits in RTB or Real Time Bidding is the automated buying process. In the past, most of the accounts management was done manually with someone staying on top it all the time. But this changed thanks to RTB making online advertising easier to handle. The automaton process is much less intensive and error-free, thus reducing the overall expenses for the clients and agencies as well as website publishers.

Responsible experimentation

RTB represents the most innovative evolution in Internet advertising where website publishers get the chance to generate additional income from their social media sites by selling adverts and making impressions in real time. What makes this scheme more attractive is the fact that it allows both parties to adjust their bids and offers in real time.

Another huge advantage of RTB marketing is that buyers are not purchasing inventories, only audiences. This is a great benefit which lets advertisers target their prospective customers and find out their age, location, geographic location, and more. As long as you place your bid on different types of impressions, you will surely win!

Customisation and optimisation

Analysing creative with consumers becomes more effective in RTB marketing. New opportunities emerge for customisation when it was previously impossible.

Better performance

All in all, the advantages that are described here should offer better approaches to online campaigns. The good news is that RTB marketing is sustainable and consistent for niche markets and audiences. Although there is no denying that every campaign is affected by variables, RTB will majorly help online marketers to uncover and unleash new opportunities within their campaigns. There are exciting times ahead for Web advertisers, so all you have to do is create your inventory and find your niche audience through RTB.