Before Signing A House Rental Agreement


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Thanks to online real estate portals like, finalizing a rental accommodation is no longer a tedious task. You can simply go through this site and select the property that best suits your need from some of the finest properties available in the market currently. The best thing with is that you only get 100 percent verified and genuine properties, thus making your renting process easy, smooth and convenient. Once you finalize the property on this site, you can contact the landlord / agent by entering your name, mobile number and email address. Since the actual transaction still needs to be done offline, you must carefully scrutinize the rental agreement before signing on the dotted lines –

Primary clause related to property

To begin with, you must check the house rental agreement format and if it is as per the prescribed standards of the state in which the house is based. The next important thing is that it must contain all basic information, such as name and address of landlord as well as tenant and primary clause related to property, duration of the contract, monthly rent and deposits. You must verify if all of this information is correct and avoid signing the document unless you are fully satisfied. You can also take help of the property experts from to ascertain the authenticity of the document. has Rental Agreement services in Bangalore allowing its users to create customized rent agreement online. So in case your property is based in Bangalore, you wouldn’t have to take any trouble as you can customize the contract online through this site and can get it delivered to your doorstep, thus saving both time and energy. In addition to this, it also lets you to calculate the correct amount of stamp duty to be paid for your property through its online e-stamp calculator.

Terms and conditions for termination of contract

The other important pointers to take note of in Rental Agreements are the terms and conditions for termination of the contract. Your agreement should specifically highlight the circumstances under which the contract can be terminated. You must proceed with the transaction only if you are satisfied by these clauses and if the conditions stated are just and binding on both parties.

 Notice period

This is of utmost importance for tenants. Ensure that your agreement has a notice period of minimum 3 months. This will allow you to search for an alternate accommodation with complete peace of mind, in case you are served an evacuation notice by the owner. It also serves well for the landlord as it gives sufficient time to scout for another occupant.

Rights to use the common facility

Ensure that your contract gives you access to all common facilities in your premises such as parking area, gymnasium, club house, round the clock water supply, etc. The charges for these if any, should be decided upfront and must be quoted on contract. This greatly helps in safeguarding your interest and also prevents the owners from unnecessary headache of addressing these issues on per day basis. In addition to this, you must also put down on papers any alterations that you plan to do in future such as installing air conditioners, geysers, etc. However small these changes may seem, they do have the potential to give rise to disputes.