Askme: Bapp of all apps Review


ASKME “The Bapp of all Apps!” is a ground-breaking application which gives details of millions of companies within your locality. The power of local search is now in your hands. I have had tried many apps in past nothing comes closer to this application in terms of searching local businesses and companies. Its an “All in One” application that allows you to search merchants & listings, classified ads, best deals which you can purchase them immediately!


AskMe Features:

One can use this free askme android app to search for locations to eat, shop, play, relax and drink , read reviews from an active community of locals in your neighborhood and to determine instantly. This program will be helpful in deciding your next auto to your evening dinner booking.

  1. Book an appointment at your nearest spa?
  2. Deals in shopping?
  3. Looking for Latest mobile phones?

One app with great benefit of

  1. Search for companies near you
  2. Get great deals offered by your favourite local companies
  3. Latest classifieds on jobs, mobile, autos, real estate and more
  4. It’s possible for you to add reviews, photographs, and hints for your favourite companies
  5. Make your own listings of your favourite local companies
  6. Read reviews to understand about good companies in your city
  7. Share favourite companies with buddies via SMS, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter
  8. Call thousands of businesses instantly from ASKME, and look up addresses and phone numbers for them app
  9. Added Business info, like standings, payment procedures and opening hours, to help make your choice simpler


Great Interface

This app is developed for the users. It’s a straightforward and easy user interface. It is a hassle free application. Everything from entering input search terms to receiving output is very simple. It has a a clean and bold user interface for displaying the information. This application tries to show the most appropriate information in relevance with your search.

A few advantages of making use of this application are as follows:

  1. It functions as a proper search engine. You can also search for them without even going back to the homepage, whenever you are in need of free advertisements or deals that are accessible near your locality.
  2. It’s a simple user interface empowering the users to control this application in a trouble-free manner.
  3. It’s a stylish layout.

AskMe App Download

AskMe App enables the user get the best possible deals and to get the greatest businesses within your locality. Download this wonderful application now for Google Play Store and iOS App Store too. For android users just head towards Google Play Store, download and Install AskMe Application now.