Apple Walk Watch Fitness miller9to5mac

Apple Walk Watch Fitness miller9to5mac

“Time To Walk” Launched on Apple Watch & Fitness+

In a recent press release, Apple announced that the “Time to Walk” feature is live for Apple Fitness+ and Apple Watch subscribers. For those unaware of the details, Time to Walk offers an audio walking experience that inspires subscribers to take a walk and stay fit. The feature helps the users take a long walk or walk more often, which can be associated with multiple benefits.

Apple Walk Watch Fitness miller9to5mac

It is known that walking is equivalent to increasing physical activity, which further translates into better cardiovascular health. When the users get an invitation from Time to Walk, the user gets to hear the thoughts of influential people. There can be stories, music, or even photographs on the application. It is possible to enjoy the feature anytime if you have Apple Watch and AirPods. In addition, you can also use the feature if you have any Bluetooth headset other than AirPods.

What is apple walk watch fitness miller9to5mac ?

It is all about time to walk feature launch in Apple Watch

The episodes on the application are an impression of the life-changing moments of the talking guest. These sessions have been recorded during the walks and locations that are meaningful to the guests. Chance Miller has documented much more information about Time to Walk in his article on 9to5mac.  The usual duration of these episodes is between 25 to 40 minutes. In addition, you can access these episodes from the Workout App on your Apple Watch.

As soon as you trigger an episode of Time to Walk, the Apple Watch initiates a walking workout. The audio plays irrespective of the pace you walk at. Another interesting thing is that people with restricted mobility (Wheelchair Users) can also access Time to Walk. For them, the feature has been rebranded as Time to Push.

If your watch doesn’t support a carrier, it automatically downloads the episode when connected to the Wi-Fi. This is certainly an interesting feature, and do let us know your thoughts about the same.