Apple HTC Scott Croyle Beatshall9to5mac

Apple HTC Scott Croyle Beatshall9to5mac

Along with the iPhones and iPads, Apple also updates firmware for audio devices. This includes the firmware updates for AirPods. Recently, the firmware update was launched for AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro. In addition, Apple also rolled out the update for Apple Beats Studio. Apple’s latest firmware for Beats Studio is 10M359, but there is not much information available at the moment.

Apple HTC Scott Croyle Beatshall9to5mac

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Beats Studio in IOS gets new Firmare.

There have been more updates to Beats, and the new firmware aims to optimize the device’s performance. It is not easy to update your device’s firmware version; usually, the firmware gets updated automatically when your device is connected to the iPhone.

Checking Firmware Version on iOS

You can easily check the firmware of your Beats Studio using your iPhone. Such an option is available on iOS. To check the firmware, you need to open the settings on your iPhone. Once you are on the settings, you can go to Bluetooth and tap the “i” button next to the Beats Studio device from the list. This is how you can check the Firmware Version of your Beats Studio device.