Apple France Minister Transitionespoacute9to5mac

Apple France Minister Transitionespoacute9to5mac

Apple Silicon Transition: Latest Updates

In 2020, Apple announced its ambitious plan to replace Intel processors with Apple’s in-house Silicon Processors. The process started with the Mac, which was the first ever hardware that was shipped with M1 processors. After the first announcement, there was much buzz about the complete transition. Some people believed this was the start of the long transformational process, while others believed that Apple would complete the Silicon Transition within two years.

Apple France Minister Transitionespoacute9to5mac

During the launch, the devices shipped with M1 processors included MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro. Talking about the two years transition process, Apple has missed the deadline, and many Apple devices are still using Intel Processors. You would agree that Apple has done an excellent job with M1 & M2 processors. The other hardware has also been completely redesigned to take advantage of the new M series Apple Silicon. There is a significant bump in performance because of the new hardware.

What is Apple France Minister Transitionespoacute9to5mac ?

Apple missed two year goal for the Apple Silicon transition .

There is a shift in the design language in product design. The form factor is now thinner, and the credit goes to the new Apple Silicon. In the last release, Apple also launched Mac Studio, which has the highest configuration of Apple Silicon. The Mac Studio fills in the gap which was left with the missing Mac Pro series. The Mac Pro is expected to be launched with the 2023 product line-up.

It doesn’t really matter, even if Apple missed the two-year target for the Silicon Transition. Apple’s effort in the transition had been impressive, and it is a true display of power. The transition could have been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and supply chain issues. Apple is already using M-series processors in the iPads, and we expect that Apple will soon start using the M-series processors in the iPhones as well.