An Insight Of The Three Important Features Of Streaming Videos


Video is an important and effective media of communication. Until a few years back, videos used to be captured and then transmitted in an analog format. With the advent of digital media, now various forms of streaming and video applications are used for communicating through the websites. Websites are used to promote various products. Initially, various data in the form of statistics were used for the same, but now the websites have become more dynamic in nature and they use streaming videos for this purpose. The videos also give a professional look to the website and also make the website stand apart from the others.

Three crucial features

Three important features of streaming video are recording it; convert the video to a format compatible to the internet and the broadcast of the same. For any streaming video endeavor, the most important step is recording. Make sure that the rush that you have captured high-quality rush so that you can display top notch quality video in your site. You can record the video in a studio or any other location depending on your need. Ensure that you use high-quality professional cameras that are handled by the professionals. If needed, you can also opt for shooting with different cameras, where you also need to involve a producer and video switcher.

Conversion of video and audio

Another part of recording is to record live audio that will integrate seamlessly to the video. Audio and the video that is recorded are converted to a format that is compatible to the internet. This process is also known as encoding and there are two main parts of the same. First the size of the audio and video contents is compressed so that it can be seamlessly displayed in the websites. You can also save the content in a format that you can also use later for the website.

Overview of the compression process

The compression process aims at reducing the size of the video file without affecting the quality of the video. There are tools that compress the data and also decompress that same so that it can be played through the website seamlessly. As per the standard of the industry, you need to use few of the encoders that are specifically aimed for this purpose. There is real-time software and hardware for encoding that is used for this conversion. These files are converted to streams of different speeds so that the users can view the same from different devices without the use of any special software.

Broadcasting the videos

Broadcasting is another important aspect of the streaming videos. The encoded files are provided to the servers that are specialized in this task. There are streaming systems that are designed for embedding the video files in the web pages. You can opt for live broadcasting or opt to broadcast the same later. Different methodologies are used to embed the video files in the web page. Few of these are the use of Hyperlink, or the Markup languages and also the file is converted to Flash. You can stream the video even in HD version.

Evolution of streaming videos

You can use a number of tools in this process. The trend of the use of streaming video is in vogue since 2010. Since then there has been a surge in the use of the same in the websites as there are a number of advantages attached to the same. Apart from business purposes that are for promoting different products, the streaming videos are also used for educational purposes and also in the arena of entertainment. You can watch your favorite videos here and if you want, you can also save them for future.

Author Bio: Pamela Dickson has a website and she has displayed streaming videos through the same. Through cable tv options, she had an overview regarding the same.