Ahead of the game: 5 reasons to research your recruiter


Incoming interview day. The day that could make your career; the position that could amplify your endeavours and take your game to the next level. But job interviews can be overwhelming, especially if you didn’t take the time to understand your recruiter.

The most reputable IT recruitment agency Sydney has available will be looking for candidates who have done their research. Conversely, they will likely overlook the candidates who don’t know their recruiter’s nuances.

With this in mind, here are five reasons why you must research your recruiter:

  1. It shows your interest in the company & its offered position 

Think about it: do you really think your recruiter is going to want to hire you if you walk into the interview without knowing anything about them? It’s the It recruitment equivalent of a band coming to Oz and praising Melbourne only for them to actually be in Sydney.

When it comes to impressing recruiters nothing is more important than proving your interest in the company and its offered position. So, do your research, understand what makes the company different from its competitors, and be prepared to demonstrate this knowledge in the interview.

  1. You can learn about the company’s culture & objectives 

You want to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the company culture, its objectives and values. A solid understanding of these three pillars will go a long way to impressing your recruiter as you will show that you are interested in their operation and how they work towards their goals.

With this deeper understanding of the company and its essential pillars, you will be able to discuss how you can fit into this culture and how you’ve done so with other organisations.

  1. To boost your confidence going into the interview 

Confidence is everything going into an interview, but how can you be confident about the interview if you haven’t done your research? Sure, you may be a technical whizz, and one that can easily handle the complex daily tasks that the company requires. But how can you be sure you can do this if you haven’t researched the company?

It’s the age-old adage about success depending on preparation and certain failure without preparation – be prepped and nail your interview with considerable ease.

  1. To help you develop the perfect questions 

It may be cliche, but it’s true: it’s just as important for you to ask the right questions than to simply provide the perfect answers. Once again, the only way to ask the perfect questions – those that go beyond the basic “how would you describe the organisation’s culture?” – you have to research the organisation.

This is because all companies are different and all contain nuances that make them different, more competitive, more versatile – the trick is to ask questions that relate to their quality attributes. Pick out a recent success story and ask them to elaborate on that in a way you can then respond with how you could help facilitate similar future successes.

  1. To be sure the company is perfect for you 

You may find that the position isn’t right for you after all. If you find that the position doesn’t match your expertise then it is best for you and the recruiter to know this before heading into the interview situation. This is for the simple reason it will save you both time and energy searching for your ideal roles/candidates.