Advantages of Investing in the Android Mobile Gaming Industry


The explosion of the mobile gaming industry has brought forth opportunities for businesses, that were never imaginable just a few years ago. This rapid growth has come about as a result to the exponential increase in mobile subscribers, even driving a switch from the former desktop use to mobile devices use for office business and entertainment.

Current figure stand at over 6.8 billion mobile subscribers, meaning that investing in this industry gives you access to a wide global market. It therefore goes without saying that any business should consider taking advantage of this huge market. Below are reasons to nudge you forward towards investing in this industry.

Why Invest in Android Games

–          Drive Brand Popularization Campaigns

You can use mobile games to market your company name and brand to your target audience. Large multi-nationals have used them effectively to market themselves to their market. A good example is Marvel Entertainment, which has used games to market its products even developing a new income source from it.

–          Huge Audience

The mobile gaming industry as mentioned earlier in this post has a huge global reach going into over 7 billion prospects. What if you could reach just a very small percentage of this audience? Can you imagine the change it may bring to your business?

–          Global Market

Most businesses are within geographical boundaries binds. Fortunately, android games are accessible across the globe, meaning that if you create a game for the android market, you will in effect be opening up your business to a global audience. This breaking of boundaries can only mean more business for you, hence higher profits.

–          Easy to Get in To

In the recent years, there has been an increase in mobile apps and game developers. This has translated in to reduced costs of developing high end games. As a result, you can easily have a game developed right from the planning stage to the final stage on a very tiny budget. At the same time, Android Play Store offers an easy platform to sell your game to your target audience.

–          Shareable Material

Since games are fun activities, people tend to share them easily with friends if they enjoy them. You therefore, may end up becoming popular overnight thanks to a simple mobile game that you developed and released in the Android Play Storemarketplace. Games get reviews, which also attract more people to them. People are also competitive in nature. As a result, they will want to play group games so that they can demonstrate their prowess in the game. This means that you become even more popular and your brand name gets trusted more.

–          Intelligence Gathering

If for nothing else, games are fun to play. They thus help you easily create a community of like-minded people for whom you can develop products. The mobile game can help you interact with this community thus gathering useful intelligence that will help you come up with beneficial products and services that will fly off the shelves as soon as you alert this community of their existence.

To top it all, you gain a loyal following through simple fun games. These are the simple reasons why you should hire the services of a professional android games developer to make your next mobile game that will create raving fans and receive awesome reviews.