Advantages of A Laptop Over a Desktop

Advantages of A Laptop Over a Desktop

Advantages of A Laptop Over a Desktop

When it comes to choosing a computer there can be a variety of factors to consider before making your choice.  While a desktop is generally less expensive and can be a more powerful machine, there are definitely perks to purchasing a laptop instead of a desktop computer.

1 out of every 3 Americans owns a laptop, and there’s a reason why.  Take a look at some of the greatest advantages that a laptop has over a desktop computer.

They’re Portable

It is extremely convenient to be able to take your entire workstation wherever you go.  Whether it’s to the local coffee shop, from work to home and back to work, or simply enjoying catching up on some social media or work from the comfort of your bed, it’s incredibly nice to be able to take your laptop wherever you want to go.

Unlike a desktop, you aren’t limited to space which must have an electrical outlet.  As long as you have fully charged your battery there’s no limit to where you can go.

In addition to the convenience of the power portability, they are also considerably lighter than a desktop which would be downright awkward lugging into a cafe or library.  Some laptops weigh as little as under 3lbs.  That is nearly the same weight as a bottle of water and a packed lunch!

Takes Up Less Space

A desktop comes in various parts rather than being an all in one like a laptop.  It comes with a monitor, a large console, a keyboard, and a mouse.  This can take up a considerable amount of space on your work surface.  It will require a permanent set up while a laptop can be used on any surface then stored away when not in use, therefore, freeing up space.

If you are a minimalist who likes open space and less “stuff,” then a laptop is clearly the best option for you in that regard.  It’s as easy as closing your laptop in a drawer completely out of sight once you’re finished with it.

Less Cords

A desktop has cords coming out of the keyboard, console, mouse, and monitor.  This can lead to tangling and an overall increase in clutter.

A laptop has one simple cord that leads to the power cable.  While you can opt for a handheld mouse, it isn’t necessary since a laptop comes with a built-in trackpad.

Great For Travel

If you are on an airplane and don’t feel like paying $5 for an in-flight pair of low-quality headphones you can watch a film of your choice on your laptop.

You could also catch up on work or play games of your choice.  You can bring your work with you wherever you go so that if you do need to catch up while out of town, it’s not a big hassle.