9 Best Practices to Boost a Fashion Boutique Business through Digital Signage

9 Best Practices to Boost a Fashion Boutique Business through Digital Signage

As more and more businesses in the fashion industry jump on the digital signage bandwagon, you have to work much harder for your digital signs to stand out. If you run a boutique, following digital signage best practice will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Spread out the digital signage throughout your boutique. Many shop owners make the mistake of only concentrating on the lobby. You should consider other places such as changing rooms, hallway intersections and even outside the store to get maximum visibility.
  1. Rotate the message so that visitors do not get bored as they are shopping or waiting to be served. Digital signage gives you flexibility and versatility and you should take advantage of this.
  1. Consider interactive trivia entertainment and other ways of entertaining visitors as they shop and wait. A good example of this is what Houston’s Indigo Joe’s Sports Pub and Restaurant is doing with BuzzTime trivia games.
  1. Do not use complicated visual elements since these will only draw attention from the important messages. Focus should be on introducing viewers to your collection visually, giving important information such as prices and encouraging them to buy by giving advantages. A simple, relevant image will be more memorable.
  1. When choosing color and font, have aesthetics in mind since viewers are more likely to buy from you if what is displayed is aesthetically pleasing. Go for high contrast between the background and the foreground for easy legibility. The font should be sans-serif because it is easy to read.
  1. The time taken to convey messages on digital signs should be the same as that taken to read the messages. As an example, for screens that users pass in six seconds, the viewer would take four seconds to read the message, meaning you would have four seconds to pass your message across. Avoid the common mistake of believing bigger screens grab people’s attention more – go for larger text size as opposed to larger screen size.
  1. Ensure the support format you use works for all devices. Go for digital signage software that supports many different formats. Whenever possible, use universal formats such as PNG and JPEG for images. For videos, the best option is to stream videos uploaded on YouTube or to download videos and play them from the local display.
  1. You should test your digital signage before putting it on display. This is because what you see on the computer might not be exactly what is seen on the display screen, especially when it comes to legibility. Testing allows you to determine if viewers will be able to view the display from a distance, if the aspect ratio is right, and if spelling and grammar are right.
  1. Audience engagement should be on top of your mind. Create content that jumps out of the page.

The content should be targeted since no single campaign will please every demographic group. Hire a professional for digital signage as this allows you to concentrate on your business. These best practices have been tried and tested and following them helps you avoid the hustle of reinventing the wheel.
9 Best Practices to Boost a Fashion Boutique Business through Digital Signage
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