5 Ways to Secure Your New Home

5 Ways to Secure Your New Home

5 Ways to Secure Your New Home

To become a homeowner is everyone’s dream, but to further protect your home is the one thing that shouldn’t be compromised.

Purchasing a new home is an exhilarating milestone for both you and your family. However, homeowners tend to often bypass the security needs of their house before they finally move into a new place.

We understand that decorating and furnishing your new place is much more exciting than thinking about what security measures you should place in your home. But, we’re certain that none of you want to risk anything when it comes to securing your home.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve shared some security tips that you can make use of to fully protect your place.

Secure Doors

This is without any doubt the first thing you should be conscious about, securing doors that lead to your house entrance, both from the front and back. Securing your house doors inevitably protects your place from any sort of burglaries.

Securing your doors means that all the exterior frames on your doors are strong, have secured hinges in place, and have secured locks on your doors. Moreover, if there’s a mail slot in any of the doors, make sure that it’s not an appropriate size, which prevents anyone from being able to reach inside.

From installing a deadbolt to adding a strike plate, there are many ways you can protect your place. According to PRWeb, 34% of burglars do robberies through the main access points in your house, hence why it’s vital for you to ensure all your doors are secured and well protected from such incidents.

Locked Windows

Windows are another common access point for burglars, especially if you have sliding ones in your house. Your windows should at least be working in proper conditions, in other words, their latch should not be faulty.

Let’s face it, it’s more common than we think for latches on windows to be faulty. This is not an effective protective measure against burglaries. In fact, burglars often pay close attention to doors and windows.

If you do have broken or faulty latches, we highly recommend that you get them fixed as soon as possible! Moreover, you can also get window security films to be placed on your windows and further add window bars. The security film will be able to prevent the shattering of your glass, if attempted.

Lighting Around the Premises

Burglars often look to enter dim-lit premises or even places that aren’t even lit up at night. This is simply because they don’t want to be caught in the spotlight. If you don’t have porch lighting or backyard lighting, you need to take this more seriously.

Houses that are well-lit once the sun goes down, seem to discourage burglars from attempting to enter the premises. Burglars choose to work in the dark, and once you’ve taken this advantage away from them, you’re less likely to be an easy target for them.6

If you’re going for a vacation, or are simply going to be away from home for some time, it’s best if you have lights that can be put on timers. This gives potential burglars the impression that someone is at home.

Moreover, you can opt for solar-powered lights and even motion detectors. Be sure to place your lights at specific places to act as a deterrent to burglars, rather than aid them in hiding themselves.

Secured Garage

Criminals and burglars have started robbing garages at a high percentage now. Even more so, criminals attempt to access your house via the garage if there is an access point. If by any chance burglars aren’t able to get into your house, they will attempt the garage as it’s common to have valuable items to rob in the garage.

This is exactly why it’s extremely important to make it a habit to secure all the locks on doors that allow potential burglars to access your garage. It doesn’t matter if these doors are internally or externally located, keep them locked at all times, especially in areas that have a high petty theft rate.

Moreover, you can further consider having a garage door opener in your house itself. This will pose a deterrent to the burglar as they won’t be able to grab the door opener from your car. Also, if you have a security code locker on your garage door, keep the code to just you and your family.

Home Security System

You should be willing to provide as much protection as possible to your new home, after all, it’s your years of hard work that allowed you to finally become a proud homeowner. With the rapid evolvement of technology, you can now install home security systems.

You should install some form of home security system in your house. Today there are several home security systems that you can opt for, and FirstEnergy is one of the most efficient companies that provide some of the best home security systems.

From monitored security to smart cameras to video door locks to video doorbells, FirstEnergy offers several security systems at a good rate. Moreover, you can customize your home security systems and it’ll be vetted by a professional.

Before We End

It’s important to understand how you should go about securing your house. It’s not a chore if you know what steps to take. Start by identifying which strategies are most vital to you and create a plan to work towards it!