5 Ways To Message Through Mobile Devices


At some point, communicating via text became both more popular and more prevalent than voice communications, which meant that there was a sudden explosion in ways and means to talk this way. Though most people might be comfortable with one or two major text message services, there are other options that work well in their own rights.

Five examples of these, and ones that you should know of in the event that other communication channels aren’t working, include popular ones like texting through Facebook Messenger, communicating through Google Hangouts, installing more secure messaging apps, Snapchat, and then default services.

Facebook Messenger

Though there have been security scares about Facebook Messenger, the fact is there are no additional practical concerns than there would be through the normal desktop version. The fact that there are so many millions of people who all use the service can attest to the fact that if you know how to search for someone’s user profile on there, you can contact them through text as easy as anything else, which is why it’s such a popular options for so many people.


Google Hangouts

If you have a gmail address, you have access to Google Hangouts. This means that if you have the options on, whenever you are logged on to your email account, you can tell if other people are active as well, and you can send them texts through that pathway. It’s a very convenient way to be able to chat via mobile phone or desktop, and it all stays in your history as you do your normal emailing as well. There’s a video conferencing option available through Hangouts that is very popular as well, as it’s a single click and you’ll be face to face with people.

Secure Messaging Apps

Additionally, for people who don’t want to leave a paper trail of their messages, there are apps that you can install on your phone that are encrypted, and they are advertised as ‘secure.’ This means that if people try to find out what you were texting from your phone records, they won’t be able to read them for privacy reasons.


If you learn how to use Snapchat, you’ll be amazed at how nice of a communication style it is. Text and photos get shared and then are immediately erased, which means there is no hanging on to things – it’s simply an immediate and raw way to communicate.

Default Text Messaging Apps

Of course, right when you buy your mobile devices, there will be default messaging apps installed. These are the ones you should learn how to use more deeply, so that everything from automatically changed text to emojis are available to you at an efficient typing rate.