5 Ways Technology Is Changing What You Wear


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Even though humanity didn’t necessarily hit the level of fashion suggested by the Back To the Future Series, there are still ways that technology is changing what we wear in 2015. And maybe self-drying jackets and self-tying shoes aren’t in vogue, but especially in the exercise industry, wearable tech has some traction.

In any case, comparing the pretend future to the real present has limited value, but we can still look at five ways tech is changing what we wear in the categories of wearable technology for sports and fitness, smarter materials for climate protection, Google Glass, general online visibility, and social commentary regarding retailers.

Wearable Tech Is Taking Off

Reading about wearable tech, you’ll come across all sort of interesting tidbits about how technology is helping everyone from sports stars to average consumers by tracking data about workouts, sleep schedules, heart rate, pulse, and everything in between. These types of data can be immensely beneficial for people who are trying to make the most out of the lives by learning about themselves through digital and technological means.

Smarter Materials Are Good for Seasonal Comfort

And think about things like snowboarding or mountain climbing – activities where quality of clothing is at a premium and space is an issue. New tech makes new pursuits possible – synthetic coats, jackets, pants, and even underclothing all much better suited to harsh climates, both in hot and in cold places actually. Some of these materials may get pricey, but the worth comes in terms of safety and applicability of effort toward monumental goals.

Google Glass and It’s Potential

Though they didn’t really catch on, new technology allowed the Google Glass phenomenon, and yes, some people were wearing them. Even if those particular products are never mainstream, things that are like them are certainly coming in the near future, as some of the things you can do with tech-happy glasses are certainly amazing for those willing to put in the effort to learn how to use them correctly.

Visibility of Public Figures Affects Consumer Perception

Communication tech being so prevalent means that consumers see a lot more culture in digital photos and videos, which means they will emulate the things that they see. If someone spends more time looking at fashion from around the world, it will change their own personal tastes.

Social Media Comments About Fashion Now

Another way tech is changing what you wear is by social commentary putting pressure on retailers. Some very interesting news articles and social comments about clothing for school-age kids has made retailers back pedal on certain sales choices, which trickles down to alter what people can actually buy at stores, which changes who certain demographics will change fashion over time .