5 Ways to Earn Money from Home Using Social Media

5 Ways to Earn Money from Home Using Social Media

You probably know someone who has a lot of social media followers.  Maybe it’s a friend or a colleague.  Maybe it’s you and you want to learn how to turn those followers into dollars.

5 Ways to Earn Money from Home Using Social Media

Right now, there are thousands of people making a living on social media.  On a large scale, look at the Kardashian family.  They have millions of followers and they know how to monetize their influence through all sorts of social media initiatives, like product endorsements and advertisements.  It’s highly unlikely the normal Joe can reach the same level of success as the Kardashians, but there are still ways to fund this lifestyle.  

Every major social media platform has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business. Here are 5 ways people can make money with social media.

Monetize A YouTube Channel

Not only can you make money with social media, you can turn yourself into a YouTube star. You can publish your content on YouTube and then choose “enable monetization” in your account settings.  How much money you can make from YouTube depends on a few factors such as how long people watch, whether they click on your ads and whether they hit ‘like.

Start a Podcast 

Do you have a knack for interviewing people?  Do you have a computer, a microphone and a headset?  Why not try to start your own podcast. Starting a podcast is relatively easy and inexpensive, but growing it is another story, so monetizing your podcast is something to explore.  

To get started on this venture, you could opt to sign up for a ConnectPal account, then tell your followers about where to find your podcast by copying and pasting your profile link on your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). When your potential subscribers click on the ConnectPal link, they will automatically be routed to your welcome page where they can subscribe to you and your content.

Become An Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the online marketplace where you can literally shop for anything.  

But did you know you can make money on Amazon too?  When you join Amazon’s Affiliate Program, any sales made from a link you provide to Amazon will net you a small percentage. That means, if you have a following and you promote specific items on your blog, then you can  include an affiliate link to the item on Amazon.  When a follower purchases something, you’ll get paid.

Sell Your Art

It doesn’t matter if you make jewelry or paint portraits, you can take your talent straight to the internet on websites like Etsy or Big Cartel and sell them.  Additionally, Instagram and Tumblr are good places to post your original artwork to get a few (or many) responses and shares.

Join a network for influencers

Another way to make money on social media is by joining networks like Brandwatch, a platform which was made for influencers to connect brands with people based on their followers and specialties.  For example, if you post content related to clean eating on your social media profiles and you join one of these networks, it’ll be easier for brands to find you if they have a service or product related to your content. 

There’s no doubt about it.  If you seek these and the myriad of other opportunities that lie waiting for you on the Internet, you too can earn money from home using social media!