5 Tips for the Perfect Backyard Fence


Are you ready to fence your backyard? Here are just a few tips for building, painting and arranging something that you’ll love to look at as you sit on your patio and drink tea.

1. Have a Vision

What do you want your fence to look like? Flip through movies, magazines, blogs, books and TV shows to get an idea of your preferred aesthetic. It might be something rustic and country; it might be something gleaming and futuristic. It’s entirely up to you.

2. Choose Your Material Type

You can make a fence out of just about anything. The most common choices are things like wood, aluminum and chain link, but they’re just the beginning. If you’ve decorated your backyard like a zen garden, you might enjoy a bamboo fence. If you’re worried about the dog getting out, you might prefer an invisible fence.

3. Think About Colors and Patterns

You can paint your fencing materials any color of the rainbow. You can also use stencils and other art supplies to create your own landscapes on them! If you want your fence to have curling flowers, frolicking animals or fluffy clouds, you can make it happen.

4. Pick the Height

This is one of the most important things about erecting a fence. You’ll want it to be high enough to stop kids and pets from climbing it, and you’ll probably want a measure of privacy from your neighbors, too. But how high is too high? When does it start blocking the sun or overshadowing the garden?

5. Make Adjustments

Use a steel wire crimper to straighten out the chain links that have gotten twisted. Pound a wooden post into the ground so that it’s level with the top of your shed. Don’t be afraid of making adjustments to your fence so that it’s visually and functionally perfect!

These are just a few tips for wrapping the perfect fence around your backyard. The only limit is your imagination, so free your mind! Let your creativity soar. The result might be a one-of-a-kind fence that you absolutely adore.