5 Tech Advancements That Keep You Safe Behind The Wheel

5 Tech Advancements That Keep You Safe Behind The Wheel

Driving won’t always be a perilous activity, as eventually, technology will bring about less room for human error.  With less human error on the roads, there will be less loss of life and fewer injuries.  Until then, it’s fun to map the progression of technology along the way.

Indulge yourself in a bit of technology enlightenment, and check out some of the coolest tech on our roads today.  Here is a brief overview of five tech advancements that keep you safe behind the wheel.

5 Tech Advancements That Keep You Safe Behind The Wheel

Bluetooth compatibility

Bluetooth compatibility in vehicles has helped to reduce accidents on the road due to drivers fiddling with their cell phones.  Injuring another person for the sake of answering a phone call isn’t really worth the swap.

If your vehicle’s Bluetooth functions are still a mystery to you, educate yourself.  Dig into that manual, and learn how to enhance your driving and talking efficiency with Bluetooth.

Lane departure warnings

Cars on the lot today are commonly equipped with lane departure warning systems to help keep drivers within the lines on the road.  When you’re driving tired or distracted, it’s not uncommon for the vehicle to begin drifting into another lane.

Lane departure warnings will notify you should your vehicle begin to drift dangerously close to other lanes of traffic.  Drivers are safer on the roads, and your vehicle can remain intact a bit longer.

Rear reverse cameras

The commonality of rear reverse cameras has undoubtedly saved lives since it was first implemented.  The ability to clearly see behind your vehicle as you reverse is one of technology’s many gifts to society.

Operating a vehicle with this technology onboard will save your kid’s bike when they forget to remove it from the driveway.  It may also save your wallet from unnecessary deprivation by protecting your rear bumper.

Enhanced cruise control features

Your vehicle’s cruise control features have been boosted by technology.  Cruise control means so much more now, as your vehicle can detect when to enact the braking system on the roads.

If you have a “derp” moment, your vehicle will hit the brakes to disengage your cruise control and keep your family safe.  Autonomous cruise control features on your vehicle have the ability to adapt the speed of your vehicle to keep a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road.

Automatic braking features

Anti Lock braking systems are helpful to your safety on the road, but they won’t “see” trouble ahead.  Autonomous braking systems on today’s new vehicles will keep an eye out, even when you seem to be looking somewhere else.

Your autonomous braking system uses sensors on the front of your vehicle to detect if there is an obstruction in your path.  If a deer runs out in front of your car, for instance, an autonomous braking feature would stop the vehicle without your help.