5 Surprising Facts About Solar Panel Technology


One of the most amazing facts about solar panel technology is that it’s become 60% cheaper to install solar in the last ten years. That’s due to ever-advancing improvements in manufacturing processes, increasing innovation, and higher demand.

Are you curious about all things to do with technology? Solar panel science will blow your mind.

Keep reading to find out what’s new in the realm of renewable energy from solar.

  1. How Do Solar Panels Work?

On the whole, solar panels run themselves. Each solar panel comprises arrays of silicon chips that release electrons when the sun strikes them. 

These electrons run through semi-conductive materials in the panels, creating a direct current that flows into your home. This stream of power then passes through an inverter, which converts it to usable alternating current.

  1. Solar Panels Require No Maintenance

Although your panels will perform more efficiently if you keep them clean, one of the best benefits of solar panels is that you can install them and leave them. 

Since the above process happens automatically, solar panels have no moving parts. That means there’s nothing that can break or wear down inside your PV panels. 

This technology is so efficient and durable, that the best home solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

  1. Solar Energy Is Going Places

Electric cars are already a thing around the world, but now manufacturers are producing solar-powered vehicles, too.

The amazing part is that this technology is spreading to include trains and airplanes, helping reduce the carbon emissions and pollution caused by combustible fuels.

  1. Solar Power Works at Night

Solar panels perform best in direct sunlight, but they pump out electricity on cloudy or rainy days, too. Some types of solar panels can even generate electricity after night falls.

A research team from the University of New South Wales has recently discovered that thermo-reactive diodes can create electricity by emitting radiant heat from the Earth into the cool night air.

  1. The Power of the Sun

The sun emits 384.6 septillion watts of energy every second. One hour of energy from the sun is enough to satisfy the Earth’s electricity needs for an entire year. 

While we can’t harvest all the sun’s energy for fear of burning up, we can look forward to utilizing more of it as solar technology advances. Today’s solar panels are already 5% more efficient than those of yesteryear. 

Our sun should last for another 5 billion years before it goes supernova, so it still has plenty to offer. The Earth’s fossil fuel reserves could run out by 2060.

Renewable Energy Could Help Save Us All

According to scientists, the Earth could become inhabitable within the next twenty years unless we decrease global warming dramatically. 

That’s because solar power decreases the need to burn carbon-emitting fossil fuels to create electricity. Studies show that a single home powered by solar panel technology can reduce carbon emissions by 100 tons in thirty years.

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