5 Sets of Big Technology for Big Industries



Although there’s a tendency to think of technological advancement in terms of more power getting smaller, there’s something to be said for largeness too, in terms of numbers or just sheer size. Making things larger will often lead to longer scope or a large range of potential when these types of things are considered.

Five sets of big technology in particular that you can let your mind wander about include big sets of protective gear for cranes and other heavy machinery, the power of big data in today’s computer infrastructures, big particle accelerators scientists are experimenting with, big cell phone towers, and big sound systems for your favourite clubs.

Big Protective Gear for Cranes and Heavy Machinery

Particularly in cities, there’s a need to safety construct big new structures like new multi-story buildings. There’s a tremendous amount of equipment that needs to be in place to do this, and then there needs to be mats that protect the ground underneath and allow for better and safer movement and operation. These heavy mats can be rented or purchased, but they’re a big part of that specific big industry.

Big Data

Big data is a concept that’s been coming more into the mainstream lately as computer processing heads into the next level of development. Gigantic amounts of numbers with respect to social media, trends in analytical data, financial numbers, and visual and textual analysis of everyday activities can now be processed by specialized programs that spit out an amazing array of functional data for those willing to try to work with it. These big data numbers are especially useful for larger corporations attempting to understand more about the human condition as it relates to their sales lines.

Big Particle Accelerators

And don’t forget the breakthroughs that scientists are trying to work with as they build and operate gigantic particle accelerators in the name of finding out what happens when very small things smash into each other at very high speeds. Talk about fascinating!

Big Cellphone Towers

And with millions and millions of cellphones in use, the power that goes into the cell network is getting beefed up every single day by every single network. And when you look at what it takes to build huge cell towers, you appreciate even more the convenience of communication technology that hasn’t even been available for all that long!

Big Sound for Clubs

And lastly, in terms of size and scope, if you ever seen the sound systems at super clubs in places like Miami, then you recognize just how gigantic of an effort it would be to put all of them together in some semblance of an order. But the result is absolutely worth the effort for the people who enjoy the events there.